Rage Rolling Is Trash with No Counter-Play

Rage rolling is crap, 25 F1 monkeys can just show up in your hole within a minute with a full fleet comp and swamp you with absolutely no risk, if any response fleet begins to form they can just pullout. And the slapper isn’t going to get ganked with a full 25man fleet on the other side of the hole.

Its all reward and no risk; there should be some balance.

Please don’t double post. It won’t help you achieve your goals, and it can cause the discussion to get split between two threads.

And since I’m here, a frequent occurrence on these forums is that player will complain about there being no counter play options to something, when in fact there are. Now, I am not a worhmholer, and this isn’t my area of expertise, but I’m willing to bet that there are indeed counter play options, simply because that’s usually how these things go.

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Huh. You already made this thread before and got it locked.

And now you spam the forums again?

Did someone touch your hole with a frig again?

Also you fit 25 people in your hole? Impressive :smiley:

And I agree w/ Shipwreck. I’ll stick with this thread vs the other one :smiley:


“Now, I am not a worhmholer, and this isn’t my area of expertise, but I’m willing to bet that there are indeed counter play options, simply because that’s usually how these things go.”

There is no counter-play to rage-rolling with how long the drifter point lasts. Thats why it is a problem. If there were counter-play, I wouldn’t make a deal out of it.

I’ve lost tens of billions and never made a post about it because I made mistakes. But dying to rage rolling, there’s no mistake you make.

Thats why its a problem. If you die in eve, its supposed to be because you made a mistake.
When you don’t make any mistake, play everything perfectly, and still die – thats a sign of a trash mechanic.

Well, you can’t prove a negative. Like, if go to ten grocery stores and find nothing but red apples, I can’t conclude that green apples don’t exist. Moreover, my inability to provide evidence to the contrary doesn’t make you right. So, repeating that there are no counterplay option doesn’t really get us anywhere.

Now, I can’t speak for the people who are actually in a position to do something about this, but if I were the decider, I’d be much more willing to seriously consider this assertion if it was able to survive scrutiny by the WH community and gain at least some consensus.

So, have you posted this to any WH discords? I don’t know what all of them are, but I failed to find anything with a cursory search of Praise Bob.


There’s been numerous posts on it, its been a problem for years. CCP just doesn’t pay attention to Jspace.

Big corps like it because it gives content to their line members, but it is really unhealthy for the one person that gets ganked.

Its not even the isk loss that hurts, its the way you die; completely helpless. a 15 man fleet will just showup in your hole within 90seconds out of a sig that appears suddenly.

If you’re pointed and a new sig appears, you’re dead. Nothing you can do about it. And that sucks.

you been told before, this is not an issue, and there are counters to it…

to quote @Gix_Firebrand


you love breakin forum rules don’t ya??
hey im not a PVP’er i admit it. i don’t claim to be anything great in EVE either.
majority of those were NPC losses, and the occasional gank that happened…

i never once came here and ■■■■■ ed about something not being fair either.

Again your bias is obv. If you roll solo, you accept the risks. Sneaky you complain about hole control and N+1 in one post :smiley:

I roll solo all the time. I accept that I may die by blob or by bait. It is literally the cost of doing business. Maybe don’t control your hole solo? Maybe invite others to play in your hole? I’m sure they could bring their own fun toys into your hole and you could all play together. All Empires would be welcome amirite?

Tis the truth. And it shall set you free.

I’m in every position :smiley: I mean, you have admitted you’ve only solo controlled your own hole. I feel for you my guy.

It amuses me you use zkill as your end all be all. It just makes me cackle.

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got some RL bad news today, and just reading this… is making me feel less bad about it.

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Hope everything turns out ok. Just imagine this dude furiously typing from inside his own hole, while he just ship spins in his POS bubble. I mean maybe he has alts but then he’s just playing with himself inside his hole…

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Um, I’m sure this thread could be shut down for multiple violations.


thanks but when an 85 year old is involved, its not lookin good.
thanks for the sentiment though.

Yeah, two noobs who know nothing about Jspace hi-jacking a thread to spew their nonsense.

Wish we could have some type of pedigree system where you could only post if you actually knew anything about the game.

I made the list?!

I am the cool :relaxed:

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Except for destiny, i wouldn’t call any of them trolls…
:stuck_out_tongue: and i can’t speak on wander either, i don’t interact with them much.

Ah def not good. My condolences.

I mean I’m regularly in J-space, looting holes yennoe?

Oh? How do you define knowing about the game? By metric, you are total failnubsauce as you don’t understand N+1 or how to share your hole…

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Ain’t gonna a lie, I’m getting a chub right now.

Don’t stop posting.

Unzips pants

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Not sure why you linked that thread. I felt like the arguments in it did far more to hurt your case than help it.

Anyway, I don’t think this is going to be a productive discussion, so I’m going to bounce.