Where are the wormholers?

Ive been playing since '07 and moved to Jspace about 1500 playtime hours ago. I’ve barely been here and even I can see the things that are very, very wrong.

  1. Rage rolling
  • You can doorstop your static, roll-off all wanderers, and still have a fleet of 25 people land on top of you within a minute of their new static showing up in your system. Oh were you in a 5min siege timer? Ooops sorry pay the 10b tax so f1 monkeys can have 5 minutes of content
    -easy fix… H296 require 90seconds of stabilization before you can transit through them
    - use the current polarization mechanic, i.e. 'this wormhole has just formed and will not be stable for 40s"
    Still will be very hard for dreads to get away, they will most likely be pointed by sleepers and in their siege timer, but atleast it will give a chance, right now there is ZERO counter-play.

When you die in eve, you don’t make that mistake again – a rule of thumb I’ve always lived by. But dying to a rage roll? The only mistake made was flying a ship worth taking down. So what do you do, just never fly the ship? There needs to be SOME CHANCE to get away.

ANYONE can orbit a dread at 10km with a MWD on, ITS NOT HARD. For how easy and rewarding rage rolling is, there should be some counter-play for the prey. Here is 1day worth of kills from 1 corp rage rolling:

Right now if you’re in a dread while a rage-rolled k162 shows, you die. There’s nothing you can do about it… and thats dogcrap.

  1. Escalations
    Capitals can warp 1000km off grid, with no risk to themselves, and escalate you
    Solution: Avengers spawn within 100km of the capital and have a signature size preference like drifters

  2. Frig Holes – why are these here? They completely cut off all content, I can’t even huff gas when one of these is open. If its open to Kspace, not so bad since I can put a scout on the other side in local… but jspace? Why are these here? They just cause everyone to dock up. Frig hole open? Whelp, hole isn’t any god for next 16 hrs? I know their interaction with evictions are complex, so this is my least important issue.

Does CCP just say F jspace or why are these issues not addressed?

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They only issues to solo-farmers who want to farm ISK in total safety. That is not how W-space works. If you don’t want to risk your dread, then don’t use it or find people to play with.

First rule of Eve: Don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose.

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Wrong. Members from every major corp regularly lose dreads in their home systems. By the time a response fleet forms, the dread is dead, looted, and the carrier closes the door behind them.

There is literally no counter-play to it.

It’s called a standing fleet. Be prepared for a fight.

Yup, whenever a dread is out, have 30 people waiting docked up in the fort in their response ships ready to go.

Thats entirely feasible. /s

for instance:

Here is a dread killed in a home system with 25 active pilots on at the time it occurred for one of the largest WH corps.

Guess all 250 of them in corp are just solo farmers without a standing fleet.

Which, P.S: What is wrong with Solo and small gang farmers? Are we not people too?

It’s a tool to use, not a I-win - button. Maybe the other side fought better. Losing ships is part of the game. You don’t know how much they farmed before they lost the ship. Most likely it already paid for itself and then some.

I do know how much he farmed before he lost his ship because he is a friend of mine, we were in the same alliance. He did 3 garrisons before losing it. So about 1.5b. Didn’t pay for itself, lost about 4b.

Rage rolling is a lame mechanic for f1 monkeys that sacrifices long-term players for short-term giggles; It panders to low-skill griefers.

Unlucky. That’s W-space for you though. Bob giveth and Bob taketh it away


“Thats W-space for you”

Thats a poor excuse for crap mechanics. How about making Jspace better instead of simply saying “trash mechanics are part of Jspace”

Every other part of space has improvements made, why is it OK that Jspace is neglected?

For someone who doesn’t play the game, and was a mere F1 monkey when he did, you make massive assumptions and excuses.

There needs to be risks to balance the amount of ISK you can print in W-space. You are basically asking to remove most of the risk so you can farm in peace. If you aren’t willing to risk it, you are free to move back to K-space.

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Where did I say remove all the risk? Show me. I said a 90s stabilization timer, which barely does anything since it takes about that time to scan down and warp the fleet to the hole anyway.

I just want us moving in the right direction that allows for some counter-play from the dread.

There are tools you can use already . You just don’t want to use the ones you have. I’ve seen your whine-threads about this. I get it. You lost you ISK-printer and it sucks. That is the risk you take when you live in W-space. Consider every ship you take in as already lost.

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“There are tools you can use already”

Name one thing a small-gang player can do to survive a rage-roll

Don’t use a dread? Mass ecm?

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You don’t even know, you are using positing them as questions.

So first off, you say small gang and solo farmers deserve to lose their dreads.

Then, you say they probably pay them off by the time they lose them.

Then, you said my proposed changes make dread-ratting risk-free.

  • You can’t cite where I’ve said this

Then, you say there are plenty of tools to counter rage-rolling and when I ask you to mention one
-you can’t
““Don’t use a dread? Mass ecm?””

And mass ECM? On who? The 25man response fleet sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for a rage roll? The dread? You want him to switch to burst jammer + 3 multispectrum ECMs? I mean what are you even talking about?

You have no idea what you are talking about. You are way out of your depth here.

Why do you think a solo-farmers are supposed to win against a full fleet? You live in the most unpredictable place in New Eden. You choose to risk your dread without a proper backup for it and then complain when you lose it. Yet somehow the issue is with the game-mechanics and not your choices? If you are a small group against a bigger one, you need to learn to limit your risks and accept you won’t win every fight. Especially in W-space.

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Where did I say solo farmers are supposed to win against a full fleet?

J space has not been a priority for them.

As for your specific comments, I think it’s likely they would point out that wormholes are dangerous, and that’s how they supposed to be.

LOL the hole control guy is back. If you operate smaller, you take more risk. This is why you’re still crying about N+1 LOL.

You mean people who are smarter who roll deeper than you and come crap on your 1-man hole control party? Yep :smiley:

You just want a pocket universe you can print ISK in huh?

If you fly solo, you takes the risk. Every time I solo roam, I know if I run into a competant gang or fall for the bait, I’m dead. Welcome to EVE.

LOL you literally made a thread crying about it.

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Maybe don’t risk a dread if you’re not willing to take the chance that you might lose it.

There are ther ships in the game that do not pin you down for 5 minutes each siege cycle.