Raid: Gallente Pleasure Hub

Ghost Wolf the Black Op. Panther lay in low orbit around Alparena’s Pleasure Hub in the Gallente Federation. It took some well laid cyno’s to get this far from Hek but it was all going to be worth it in the end. The Gallente Pleasure hub was known for realistic dolls and perfect android companions. The ideal environment to test Henry’s new gene specific clone. He refused to put a bit into any of the CONCORD ones.
Reverse engineering Henry’s genetic signature and building him a version of himself was not something Henry thought he would appreciate. But after it was discovered that he was Spartan his mind changed a bit.
00I never imagined myself being so athletic00 Henry confessed.
“Well you don’t have any excuse not to use a clone now that you know you have one.” Greyson chided punching one fist into the other palm excitedly.
00I will have to make use of this … Spartan body00 Henry replied.
Henry was a Capsule Corp shell-person. The can he was packaged in took a lot of time and effort to study after its extraction from ice in Dusk till Dawn territory. For starters it was hard as nails; Surviving several catastrophic ship failures resulting losses; but not Henry.
Soul: Brain; Wave.
Anne McCaffrey: Brainship; Cortana.
Simeon: Henry; Halo.
“I’ve got an encrypted receiver. Ready to beam you down Henry.” Chauncey had gotten really good with computers.
00Oh good, just leave my shell in sleep mode until I come back00

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