Random Attacks on Empty Haulers?

So, not posting on my hauler alt, but the only haulers I’ve lost in the past 8 months are empty ones, with no cans in them.

This is usually when I’m afk on a gate or station…

I"m a warp to zero --> cloak + MWD tpye of guy when I’m actually hauling $$$ so I don’t lose haulers with cargo.

But seriously, what’s with the random ganks on my afk empty haulers lol.

Out of curiosity I also found it’s easy to bait pirates with virtually empty double wrapped goods in a t1 fit Sigil. haha


People are bored and want a cheap kill.
For every 100 empty hauler kills, sometimes you hit jackpot.
Examples below:

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When I see these losses, I see them in three ways;

1: Credit Card Warrior trying to make a big buck and double his credit card money (been there done that six/seven times on $100 worth of plex… but not like a noob lol).

2: An accident in the code/programming of an illegal bot belonging to a nullsec Nyx/gila farm.

3: Seeded by CCP for the lulz.


Justify the losses however you want. The gankers know there are bad players who make easily punished and costly mistakes, which is why they do it.


This thread is about empty haulers, usually afk on a gate/station. There is plenty of time to scan them and see they have nothing in the cargo.

One theory I’ve entertained is someone looting a tier 1 battleship from a bowhead, insuring it and randomly blowing up a hauler. They could have made more selling it intact, but wanted to have some fun before going to bed.

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And I’m telling you. People kill haulers (even empty ones), because they’re bored. And sometimes, they can get lucky with a very lucrative kill. It only costs them ~80m isk worth to fit out a cheap Tornado. So they don’t care if they lose it or not. They’re just doing it for the chance at a juicy killmail.

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On a different, but related note, I was hauling between Rens and Jita.

When someone failed to tackle my +3 stab impel, I said:

“Hey, it’s people like me that making living here worthwhile…”

He responsed.

“It’s people like me that make lowsec hauling worthwhile…”

Just had to giggle at the truth of that lol.


OP, some of us believe that hisec is worth fighting for. We do not gank for the isk. You should not be AFK, even if your hauler is empty - it cheapens the game.


EVE is a funny ecosystem like that, lol.

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It’s not a complaint it’s a mystery.

Only time I’d consider random suicide ganks on random empty stuff is if I intended to leaving the game forever.

Go ahead and fight against my choice to afk in an empty insured + tier 1 fit unrigged hauler.

(Semi) Random suicide ganks are my favorite part of the game.

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It’s true to life when you think about it.

Making drugs illegal makes it profitable to sell drugs.

If CCP put a 90% tax on tritanium and npcs that seized haulers with tritanium in high sec, tritainum hauling woul dbecome profitable again.

“Attention all capsuleers, due to a shortage of tritanium, CONCORD will now be seizing all Veldspar and Tritanium in high sec space!”

i figured that was simply natural selection :stuck_out_tongue:


Natural selection of braindeath. lol

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You mean the least smart people become hisec gankers? Then yes, I agree.


witty, bet your the life of any party…


Autopilot is a gameplay feature…??

Also, I’ve had my alt failed ganked so many times its hilarious and it makes me wonder how dumb these gankers are if they cant even get it right on an autpiloting empty T1 hauler :stuck_out_tongue:

Autopilot through Delve, then.

I actually have… a couple times. (By accident usually lol). sometimes you die… other times you don’t. Also gone afk uncloaked on a gate a few times XD that usually end in death depending on where.

But, It’s a roll of the dice every time you jump through a gate. You can take precautions watch intel etc. But at the end of the day unless you have a +1 alt or dedicated scout you just dont know if you’re about to jump into a cluster fudge of a camp or a gang passing through. Im mostly a casual scrublord…

Theres a reason hi sec is called Hi-sec though… I dont get why people are s butt hurt about people wanting it to be “safer” or have super safe areas… I think there should be a an area of the game where semi afk mining/pve or what have you can go on for people who just like to have the eve lazors thing on a background while doing other stuff and then building some stuff/selling to get a bigger ship they can fly around and look at. Not everyone whats to go hardcore EVE. I had a lot of casual friend always way back when but now its people either going hardcore or quitting. there is no middle ground.

Plex has dropped nearly 200 mil. Why do you think that is?? Oversupply… less people Omegaing. Less people logging in. Now whether or not thats legit players, dual boxeers or bots I couldint tell you.

Suits me fine. Im due for a plex up. But my alts ? My trader has been nerfed. So not sure if worth keeping around. Now even profiting off mistakes via fat fingering has been stopped due to the market warning pop up on top of the order change tax…
My sub cap miner/indy pilot? Also irrelevant. Should I even bother with a rorq at this point? Might as well retire him too. But hey If you blap NPCs all day long its fine and more profitable.

Used to be could go on a 2 year hiatus come back and things would be the same so you get back into it where you left of. Now you have whole skills deleted… Professions invalidated etc with no clear long term direction for a game that requireres long term planing. That was the art. The constant of eve was its beauty imo.

Mining or ratting is all the same to me… But ratting pushes you into combat skills so they dont want to nerf that I guess? I don’t think its going to last and thats probably next.

I like to afk autopilot brick fit mallers through null.

I’ve never been attacked in one yet.

People think’s it bait, so they don’t attack. I once put 20 mil in cargo just to see if anyone would attack.

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