Random Disconnects "connection to server lost"

Hi folks,

I took a long break from eve and recently got back to sort out all the stuff and have a look. Since a month or so I am plagued by random disconnects, there is only a window “connection to server lost” coming up. The reconnect is rather fast, but this is obviously no state, where I can do anything remotely risky ingame. No mining, PvP or PvE for me, if I may be disconnected anytime… I had omega a very long time, but let that lapse, since I would like to not pay, if I cannot play. I am ingame since before 2007 and never had similar issues.

What did I try (and did not help):

  • Launcher Setings: Verify Cache
  • Reinstall to new SSD drive and put the cache on the same drive
  • check internet/network connection (I am on a wired connection)

Is that a problem that goes around atm and I should just wait it out? Are there things I can do or try to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

I have to apologize. I may have found an explanation already: I live in germany and have DTAG as provider, there seem to be some issues going around with eve, DTAG and cloudflare. I am trying the Tool “Warp” from cloudflare and hope the underlying issue will be solved.

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Quick Heads Up: since using “Warp” I have no more disconnects happen crosses fingers

will check warp out, as I have been having disconnects

is it still working for you?

same for me, DTAG provider in germany.
So I need a VPN software to play eve nowadays?

There is allready a Topic about this Problems, maybe you can find something Helpfull in there .

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