Random Idea, but maybe a player grabber

Why not just move all missions to High Sec, yes this is probably a bad idea, and would involve letting caps in high sec, but let’s think for a second. Numbers are down across the board, players are looking for something new and fun to do. Move all missions, including level 5s to high sec only, allow up to carriers in high sec since most of what runs L5 are supported carriers and dreads. This has a few advantages:

  1. teaches players that caps are not god
  2. gets cap ships blown up early on by npcs and teaches the mechanics in a more stable environment
  3. gives suicide gankers more targets
  4. expands the capital market
  5. exposes to caps before null sec (maybe gives people another reason to buy them)
  6. injects more modules for new players into the market (mission loot)

yes I know people will say it’s a bad idea, but really at this point, maybe something drastic to draw new players in and keep them shooting for a new goal in HS would be an advantage overall. War Decs are based on having structures now, so the ability to kill them easier (caps in high sec) might also make it more likely that conflict (ship losses) will happen.

No thanks. Carriers and dreads in high sec would give players un-gankable transports.


If you want to try out capital ships without consequence, do it on the test server…

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Can you explain how your specific change would “draw new players in” to EVE Online? Because 3 of your 6 points relate to Capital ships, and new players really have no business being in caps.

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Not that bad of an idea but as Quake mentioned. It allows for transports with too much EHP.

I know your idea for the LVL5s as a HS mission is to have capitals in.
However LVL5s can also be run with Rattles and Nighthawks among other things.

Personally i’ve done them with a Widow and Nighthawk years ago.

I’d rather see missions become harder by replacing the “dumb” old school rats with advanced NPCs such as those you find as FOB Rats.

Reduce the number of ships in a mission (no longer a 20min turkey shoot) and replace them fewer but far more deadlier rats. Increase the bounty pay out per rat to account for that.

Same goes with Ratting Anomolies imho.

Using FOB rats that run dedicated Logi ships, tackle Frigs, Ewar etc also teaches about realistic fleet dynamics.
Same with FOBs the mission could scale with people on grid i.e. it scales if you run it with a friend or friend(s). Not in pay out though. that would get abused by multiboxers.

  • Moving all missions to HS takes does so at the expense of LS and NPC null, and throws their risk to reward ratio out of balance.
  • Capital tanks would make them extremely hard to gank. For example, a moderately tanked cap would require around 30 polarized taloses to take down in a .5 system with a concord pull. And things get even more ridiculous outside of ideal ganking conditions or if they fit max tank (which people would likely do in order to create ungankable haulers). Of course, people would still lose caps because people would still do stupid stuff in them, but the smart players would essentially be given tools that make them too big to be taken down. OMG, and HS incursions would just start printing isk.
  • New players are years away from flying caps. Not sure how that would get a lot of new players in the game.
    No P2W

but more RMT into CCPs pocket.
ohhhh Chimera expert system. Only 99,99


So level 5’s in high sec , in capital ships . What a great botting idea.


I think what you want to say is that you know is a bad idea.


They are yet to make an ungankable ship in eve. Risk/reward balance in null hasn’t been there since they started nerfing caps anyways. You can do a level 5 in a high skilled T2 BS group, but why bother really unless you’re massively antisocial.

That means capitals in high sec are unnecessary, even if you move lvl5 mission there.

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A mission generator requiring omni tanked player ships facing varied randomized ( within mission level baselines) NPCs and goals would end the current stagnation and reduced risk now in play. Still have it known if facing faction or pirate, but add missions were a player has to tank all 4 damage types, perhaps hack a site, etc. Have some missions were fragments of data chips may be dropped and, when combined with other mission’s dropped chips, generates a one time mission site (perhaps a rare level5 now and then). You can throw in all types of variables and revitalize a part of EVE that has been stagnant for too long. Within the current gameplay, there is plenty of wiggle room to make it fresh again.

Level 5 missions used to be in highsec, CCP removed them for all the reasons stated here.

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I want to see the group it would take to gank a max tanked Carrier or Dread in high sec in 20 seconds. In low and null sec, you’ve got all the time in the world to pick away at it. In high sec, you’ve got 30 seconds max. Not going to happen…

You’ve got exactly 14 seconds to burn through 8 million to 10 million EHP once I hit the Emergency Damage Control. Good luck with that. Like I said, they would be un-gankable high sec transports…

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Actually, I’d go the opposite way. I’d like to see player owned citadels be given the ability to host NPC agents to hand out missions anywhere a citadel can be dropped. I think that would likely get more people in space while providing money making activities and both are good things that need to happen.


I can actually see the NPC agent thing being a good thing, the bad part is, I actually have to agree with Brisc on something. Really though, enough determination, and good organization can gank anything in eve

If make you feel better I consider both wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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