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Krull’s Pleasure Hub is populated entirely by Fedos

So! If you look closely on the starmap at Delve you’ll notice faintly above the region the constellation name “OK-FEM” and if you click on it you’ll get a length description telling you about the legend behind this old ancient exploration ship that the blood raiders had to hold as a holy site after they learned the greusome story behind it.

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oh my fing god is that dark

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Alright, I’ll add a bit more to keep this thread alive.

I got more Blood Raider stuff. Tried thinking of more obscure information of a different faction, but frankly I find the Blood Raiders have some the cooler and more interesting lore out of majority of the factions.

So here’s more Blood Raider content.


Ever notice this? How Blood Raider’s HQ is said to be Oyonata but that’s just any other system in any other constellation in the warzone with Amarr Navy Stations in it? Well, that’s because once upon a time, Blood Raiders used to own sov of the Tandoiras constellation. You can even tell when you look at all the station models in that constellation and see the Blood Raiders using the exact same in their pocket of Delve.

(While randomly looking into that one Guiding Hand Social Club stunt with Mirial, I even found a screenshot of the system of Haras where the assination was made. You can see int he top left corner that system having Blood Raider sov)

Those USED to be Blood Raider stations! Up until 2005 when a whole shitshow started with the Blood Raiders pulling a terrorist attack on Mabnen I. Releasing Insorum into the planet’s atmosphere and freeing slaves of their Victoc dependency and letting them run rampant on the planet’s surface to ■■■■ the Amarr over big time.

All the information is scattered across multiple news articles in 2005, I’ve tried to pinpoint them all but it’s a bit of an eyesore trying to dig though all of it so forgive me if my understanding is inaccurate.

This would be the start of the biggest piece of drama between the Amarr and Blood Raiders as things escalate to a point where they not only start mobilizing the Navy to evict the Blood Raiders, but for the first time enlist the help of Amarr loyal Capsuleers. The first official join effort between the two entities.

The Amarr would as you expect - Succeed - in evicting the Blood Raiders from the constellation and occupy the stations… So that in leaves the question of how the Blood Raiders ended up in Delve? If the rumor to be believed, Omir negotiated for the constellation with Band of Brothers. Trading them a boon of goodies for the real estate.

And that’s why the Blood Raiders are in Delve, but HQ is in Oyonata


We usually fight so many of the rats belonging to the big pirate factions that we forget they are not the only criminals out there. An example of this is the mission “Kidnappers strike” in which one of the big pirate factions will kidnap a CEO and frame it on smaller gang. The main rats you fight can either belong to the Guristas, Sansha or Blood Raiders and, depending on the faction, the smaller gang will change.

If you are fighting the Guristas, they will try to frame the Komni corporation. You can find their lore scattered across 2 different items.


The Komni corporation was founded by the multi-billionaire Kaimo Nayen, who had garnered his fortune by building up a real estate empire on Caldari Prime. The purpose of the company was to give his firstborn son, Shojin Nayen, a chance to receive experience as a CEO, before the time came for him to take over the reigns of his father’s mega-corporation. Komni dealt in simple garbage hauling tasks, employing a few dozen washed up pilots to do the sordid task of transporting unrecyclable material to remote locations within the Caldari solar systems.

Unfortunately Shojin had been inexcusably spoiled as a child, and lacked all of his fathers virtues which had helped him become so successful. The Komni corporation quickly began losing money, bad deals were made and the daily affairs were generally ignored by Shojin who spent most of his time dating beautiful women and staying out late at night at popular Caldari bars. But when his father learned of the state of things, and that the Komni corporation had slid to the verge of bankruptcy, he became furious. He demanded that his son straighten things out, or all of his shares within the mega-real-estate corporation would go to his other son, Akimo.

Shojin became terrified at these grim tidings, and was especially worried that his father would also strip him of access to his bank account which he so much relied on to live his extravagant lifestyle. So he turned to the underworld for aid, secretly contacting an agent employed by the Guristas Pirates, Drako Minai, to manage his corporate affairs. At first this worked out perfectly, the Komni stock rose considerably and money came streaming in. Better pilots and maintainance on the old company haulers were finally affordable, without any intervention from Kaimo.

But soon the old man became suspicious. He couldn’t believe the incredibly good fortune his son was suddenly blessed with was simply due to hard, honest work. So he hired an expensive private detective, Asamura, to investigate the internal affairs within Komni, to better understand exactly what had changed since disaster loomed over the corporation. Asamura, being an ex-elite agent within the Caldari State special forces, quickly discovered who was behind this turn of events; that the Guristas had been using the garbage haulers as a means to smuggle drugs and other illegal goods into Caldari high security space for enormous profits. Due to Kaimos’s close relationship with many members of the Caldari State government, the garbage haulers received far less attention from local security forces than other, more suspcious craft.

When Kaimo heard of these tidings he became furious. If the news surfaced about Komni being under the influence of the Guristas Pirates and committing illegal acts within the Caldari State borders, his status and even his life might be forfeit. He immediately confronted his son and ordered him to cut all ties with the Guristas, as well as letting him know that he had just blown any chance he had of acquiring the family fortune. But there was one single flaw in Kaimos plan, and that was his underestimating of his sons determination to remain wealthy. Threatening to expose Komnis illegal dealings to the media, Shojin played the only card he had. Either his father leave his corporation alone and give it a large credit “donation”, or both of their reputations would be ruined. In return Shojin would severe all ties with the Guristas. His father reluctantly accepted his sons terms.

Shortly thereafter Shojin held a secret meeting with his contact within the Guristas. He demanded that Drako stop the illegal activity the Guristas had been conducting behind his back, and remove all ties they had with Komni. But the wry, finely dressed agent simply laughed, they had played Shojin for a fool all along. While Shojin had been endulging himself with the finer things in life, Drako had been busily hoarding the company stocks in preparation for a takeover. He knew about Asamuras involvement, and expected this very conversation. As Shojin looked in horror, two burly, brown-skinned men entered the room where he stood next to Drako. With a simple move of his right hand, Drako ordered his guards to execute his unfortunate client. And as he left the room, followed by high-pitched screams which were quickly silenced, the smiling, middle-aged man dressed in a shiny black tuxedo thought of how happy he was that the Komni stock had risen drastically upon the news of the takeover. No longer would he need to answer to his less-than-trustworthy superiors within the Guristas, from this day forward he would own his very own branch within the vast Caldari criminal network.

If you are fighting Sansha, the gang they will try to frame is the Maru Rebels. Aside from appearing on this mission, you can also find them in the Minmatar Cosmos region.


The Maru Rebels were once part of a gang of pirates who turned into a sinister terrorist network claiming to fight for Minmatar freedom. In fact, they’re little more a ruthless gang of criminals dealing in the black market, smuggling, and extortion and blackmail, even sometimes working as hired assassins. Their official agenda is to murder as many citizens of the Amarr nations as possible ― i.e., Amarr Empire, Ammatar, and Khanid Kingdom ― hoping to force them to withdraw eventually from historically Minmatar systems currently under Amarr control. The Minmatar Republic leadership has denounced them as being cutthroats and criminals even though they support Republic goals, and has put up a sizable bounty on their leader’s head. But even so, the Rebels do maintain some support within the Minmatar Republic, which has allowed them certain freedoms other criminal networks do not have.

If you are fighting the Blood Raiders, the gang they will try to frame is The Darkonnen.


The Darkonnen is an organization that sprung up from rogue elements within the Khanid Kingdom, starting off as a small band of smugglers operating between lawless space and Khanid-controlled territory. They were renowned for their ruthlessness in dealing with their competitors, eliminating a good deal of small-time criminals within the Kingdom, as well as cleverly eluding the local authorities most of the time. A few years ago, their founder and leader, Michelin Adonnis, was captured by Khanid secret police and sentenced to life in prison for various offenses. His arrest caused a slight setback for the outlawed organization, but in the end it turned out to be not enough to halt their inevitable expansion. Today they are a well known pirate/smuggler network who base their operations in numerous systems in Amarr and Khanid space.

Lastly, I found out that this missions used to be called “Angel Strike” (even if you don’t fight any angels) and there used to be a Serpentis version of it called "Guristas Strike” (very confusing, I know).

Anyway, if you were fighting the Serpentis, the gang they would have tried to frame is the Odamian Renegades.


The Odamian Renegades named themselves after the system where their organization was founded, in the Gallente controlled Placid region. The founders themselves were mostly made up of adventurers traveling from the Gallente capital system, Luminaire, searching for fame and fortune in the frontier. There they came into contact with Dakeur Hullan, a charismatic pirate veteran who had been working for the Serpentis organization until an unfortunate incident saw him outlawed from their territory, with a sizeable bounty on his head. Despite his misfortunes, Dakeur still had numerous contacts throughout the criminal world, both inside Serpentis and Gallente controlled space. With Dakeurs experience within the underworld of the Gallente Federation and his co-founders surprising piloting skills, the Odamian Renegades quickly garnered a reputation as a powerful and infamous drug smuggling syndicate within the Gallente territories.


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