Rant about the " Market Wisdom" in the Character Bazaar

In general, and at the bottom line, people sell their characters by the price they want, and they might have reasons to do firesales. Those I understand. If you are aware of some aspects of it before you sell, you are free to sell your product however you choose. As Adam Smith says, the boy only sell newspaper for a penny because that penny worth more to the boy than the newspaper, and the buyer values the newspaper more than the penny. However for that to be true, both need to know the value of the penny and the value of the newspaper for themselves. So if you know the value of your character and choose to sell it for a given price, your choice. If you are led to think something by someone trying to profit from your ignorance, then it is not YOUR choice per se.

What I am on about here is the cases in which people who do not take things into consideration and let the " buyer lead them into losing" . This is just a reminder for some folks to think about that and give the market some " smarts" .

First, the one selling the character is the one paying the transfer. However you fund the transfer, the base cost is 20 USD or more or less the same in another currency. So the base thing to think about is:

For that same 20 USD you can buy 500 plex and keep your character. So selling a character for little more than the profit of 500 plex is a waste of time, regardless of skill.

Second, if your character has more than the Alpha time constrained skill, or trained in any Omega skill, specially to the fullest, there you invested some 15 US or so in it, plus the 20 from the transfer. So selling it for little more than the add of both is only if the character worth more being taken off of your hands than keeping it and buying those proverbial 500 plex.

Then you make a quick count on the plain skill/month from your character, and find out that in some cases their clean slate and other aspects would infer that to get the same character, someone MUST have laid them back with MCT and Omega to get the same character, so selling it by little more than 1 month omega time is really wasting its potential.

All in all, that is why some people buy any character for 2 or 3 b and you think you making big ISK from it, when they are only getting something YOU yourself could be profiting from much more than that.

Something to think about when you go to the Character Bazaar and listen to “speculator” assessments of your product.

i don’t get the point of this. is your complaint that people are letting themselves get fleeced? if so, who cares? take advantage of it. some random dude quoting adam smith isn’t going to teach anyone anything.*

*don’t ever quote adam smith. seriously. it’s like quoting sun tzu

i get that this might sound a bit negative, but it’s rooted in experience. i have actually had to explain to people in this game why it’s good to sell for more than you paid for an item. i see people everyday who undercut severely in the hopes of selling 5 minutes faster or who massively overpay on buys because they think “paying more incentivizes people to sell more” (rest assured, it doesn’t). i see people who build/buy a lot of a given item and then list everything they have in one order. it never occurs to them that all they’ve done is create a ceiling on the sell and ensure massive broker fees for themselves in case they care to adjust the price.

people not running the numbers is typical behavior. it’s infuriating when they screw up what you’re doing, but it’s quite beautiful when it works for you.

Char value since skill injection is based upon the value of the sp. CCP keeps giving people free and cheap SP so chars are now valued less than training time & what you’d think.

I was happy to solve this scoobydo mystery for you.

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Of course it is. Its always the players choice to sell his character at a price he deems worthy. Why would it matter whether you were convinced by the buyer, or convinced by a magic 8 ball what the price should be. You were convinced, and you agreed and acknowledged that you thought it was a fair deal.

Its not like the person ended up using fake isk or something. There was a transaction made that both parties agreed upon. That is always your choice.

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