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For some reason, I wanted to use a kiting railgun Raptor in solo pvp. Partly because it’s highly underutilized ship - even the blaster version is underrated. But also because it does get an optimal range bonus, and the shield resist bonus means you don’t have an em resist hole. All around it’s just a pretty solid ship, good top speed, and it’s an Interceptor - interceptors are cool as ■■■■. Especially a nano kiting one. However the railgun Raptor does struggle with lackluster DPS at kiting ranges, and to make matters worse it has garbage tracking as well. So it can be quite a struggle trying to actually hit Interceptors, and I generally found that against a good tackle ceptor pilot, I was pretty much toast.

Still, I recorded all these fights. The videos aren’t very good, they’re just very basic solo pvp compilations. I have yet to add any commentary or cinematic effects. But this was my attempt at learning how to manually kite in a non-fotm ship, and it worked to my advantage a lot because people didn’t really know what to expect - who flies a kite Raptor?

I have flown ships like the Slicer before, but it just felt like it had been done to death, so I didn’t really feel passionate about it. The Raptor felt more innovative to me. It does have its issues, but it also has a lot of strengths, so it’s a ship I’ve come to love.

So check it out if you want. Comments and criticisms are highly welcome.

Oh and I also have a few other Raptor fittings that I’m gonna be trying out soon, so I’m pretty excited about that.


I have always wondered why people use the nanomembranes instead of either overdrives or inertial stabilizers. Perhaps I have finally found the right person to ask?

Overdrives are good sometimes, and I understand they seem like they could be the better choice because of the better speed, but in practice, the agility of the Nanofibers is generally better - also, in the case of my Raptor fitting, I barely had enough cargo space to carry a mobile depot + extra MWD + ammo and nanite, so when I did try using an overdrive + nano combo, the cargo capacity nerf from the overdrive made it impossible for me to carry everything that I needed.

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Raptor is underrated and that means a lot when it comes to actually getting fights. Good videos, keep it up!

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