Rattlesnake Hero Tank - PVP Video

YouTube Link - Rattlesnake Hero Tank

I play in windowed so I had to stretch the video a little… And for some reason the audio glitches for time to time, no idea why… Anyway. A couple of ships were killed before I arrived by djkirk in a Tengu, who then arrived back into the fight at the end with another Rattlesnake.

This battle was on my alt Li Ter. My main is Katsumoto, you may remember me making eve videos about 10 years ago for Quam Singulari. I hardly make PVP videos any more but this one gave me a little more drive to make one, and brush the dust off Premiere Pro.


Battle Report:

Insideinfo & Mefjus - Mythos
Agressor Bunx - Time Shift
The Upbeats - Beyond Reality



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