RattleSnake vs Proteus

I have a Rattlesnake, the other pilot has a Proteus, The question is how do I fit the Rattlesnake, to be more effective against the Proteus?


What fit is the proteus?

I do not know.

Should I go for shield boost mostly?

Rattlesnake would not fare well against a Proteus at all whatsoever in any configuration save for a deliberately ■■■■-fitted Proteus. Rattlesnake is an extremely imprecise ship, and truthfully no attempt should be made to improve its precision because that’s not what its intended for.

Actual Damage = Potential Damage * Precision. Even if your Potential Damage is astronomical high, if your precision is low, your actual damage will be very low. In general, the low precision of Heavies/Sentry drones indicate that you will have no chance in hell of hitting a Proteus unless the Proteus was stupid enough to get in Web+Grapple range (it probably won’t be - even if it did, it would defang heavies instantly and would still dodge most sentry hits), and you won’t inflict much damage using missiles unless you used RHMLs, and a Proteus can very easily overcome that damage with reps.

Wrong ship for the wrong battle, my friend.

what do you recommend to take on a Proteus??

  • Will you have fleetmates to help you?
  • Is forcing the Proteus retreat / guaranteeing your ability to retreat an acceptable option, or is it required that the Proteus be destroyed?
  • What budget / skill levels are we looking at?

Just taking a shot in the dark here.
Are you trying to krab with that Rattlesnake and afraid of a cloaky camping Proteus? Which is why you’re asking about this specific match up?

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That’s what I was thinking.

Don’t try to fit your krab ships for PVP.

Yeah, because if that’s the case, then his Rattlesnake is going to die immediately after the fight starts when the Proteus lights a cyno.

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is that possible now ? I thought they were restricted to recon. (or covert cyno?)

Yes, if it’s a covert cyno like you said.


*was not aware of this* thanks for that Scoots

Ok so he meant covert cyno when he wrote cyno.
Anyhow I don’t think you can survive a bomber gank in a rattle.

However cyno T3 tend to die very quickly in a ded pocket. If you can scan a sig with gates, you can set up a trap in one.

If you want, you can fit target painter, webs, and rapid heavy missile launchers, just to combat the proteus. If the proteus is kiting out of range of your webs and faster than your drones, you’d be in trouble. You might need neuts as well as a battleship. All of that is useless if the proteus kites with drones. You might get lucky with drone speed mids and the fastest heavies (minmatar?) or maybe sentries.

full neuts in highs. with no cap proteus can neither shoot, use ewar or any reps. ft an mjd in the very unlikely event its actually a kite fit; which is doubtful.

if its a cov ops cyno its not just a proteus though.

The best way to kill the Proteus is to have your own alt cloaked nearby in its own Proteus.


If attacker lights a cyno, you have no option (except for ECM burst, maybe).
But in other situation, you should fit LMJD, so kiting proteus will not stop you.
Against brawler you should fit web, RHML and target painter. More bling fit will win :wink: Unless one of you will act completely wrong.
I heard about some people, who place mobile depot full of warp stabs as a very first thing after warping into anomaly. Than you can fit what ever you like - you will run away…

Put something fight worthy in the frigate escape bay and continue fighting once you blow up.