Raven Navy Issue

Why are people saying not to fly the RNI around alone without backup? Is this only applicable for low sec, null sec?

All I want to do with it is run Level 4 missions in hi sec. Can I travel alone in that case?

Looks like they were referring to lower sec. A normal T2 fit RNI should be safe to move in highsec. If you bling the fit too much you will attract gankers in highsec. If you want to be super safe and even travel a bit faster you can have a travel fit to swap in your cargo, consisting of 500 MWD (if you don’t have this anyway), improved cloak, and 3 inertial stabs for the low slots to get your align time down. Google MWD / cloak trick to learn how to move with that.

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Thanks! Didn’t know it would be a target in hi sec with bling.

Seems like too much trouble.

Thanks anyway.

To be fair, any ship in highsec with to much bling is a target. Don’t let that stop you from using one.

A normal Tech II one performs very well in missions I heard.

Plenty of folks from the United standings Corp were flying RNI’s in various areas of high. It was maybe less than a billion isk fit.

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