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2 Your Account

Question regarding 2 x Omega accounts I had currently setup.

One being this account and the second one I had setup for my dog to play.
The accounts are in my name and paid for via my paypal account though I play with only one
of these Omega accounts. My dog has her own pilot who currently doesn’t undock as skill training is rather long for what she wants to do with that Pilot.

I had read the part “Only an individual, natural person” then that had me thinking… so here I am…


hi @Iceacid_Frostpacker

what are you talking about?

you can have 500 accounts … all to the same mailadress … same person … same … all the same

for omegas there is no restriction in logged in at the same time … you can multibox 100 accounts if you can handle it

for alphas its different … only 1 alpha account per person and PC … if you try to connect a 2nd from the same pc you get an error … if you try to connect an omega and then an alpha you get an error
if you use 2 different PCs and connect 1 alpha on each its against the EULA … its not allowed

so leave you dog sleeping … its ok to have 2 omega accounts (why only 2 and not 13? like the Elite players (© @CCP Ghost)

have fun and fly safe

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I think it depends on what relationship you have with your dog. If it is a registered partnership I think she can use the account paid by you. I would say it also depends on how you identify your dog. Better to Ask Doctor V!.


Too much iceacid, friend.

Okay so would it be considered wrong to create a female pilot when I am not a G…?

/I felt the need to have a reason or a background on why my 2nd account has a female pilot.


I had done as suggested and Doctor V replied hastily quoting about a “Dog is a Best friend.”

“Did you say jump?”


“What does that mean? Is the gate green or not?”




“Worst. Scout. Ever.”


Anyway, she may fly a Hound properly…

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