Reacting Gases - How to now?

So, how do we do Gas Reactions as of today? Does this require an Upwell refinery - the old POS structures will no longer serve?

Get one of the Strong Blue Pill Booster Reaction Formula formulas, bring it and the necessary ingredients to a structure with a reaction service and use everything like a standard industry blueprint.

Strong Blue Pill formula does not use gas. I am thinking more along the lines of Fullerines.

You need a structure with the appropriate reaction service module. Such as

The POS structures will not work.


Yes, ONLY Refineries will be able to do Reactions. So you will have to bring all required Materials and the Reaction Formulas to either an Athanor or Tatara with the appropriate Service Modules; There are 3 types:

  • Standup Composite Reactor I for Tech 2 Production Reactions
  • Standup Hybrid Reactor I for Tech 3 Production Reactions
  • Standup Biochemical Reactor I for Booster Reactions

Yes. An Upwell refinery is now mandatory. You will need a Standup reactor of the appropriate type for your gas reactions. All the POS structures are now useless.

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