Making formulas at Athanor Moon Base

I have used manufacturing rigs at other Athanor moon bases to make formulas, but I can’t find how to get mine to do that. I have every other service. What do I need to add to get it working?

I think your asking about Reactions and this should help:

Specifically, the refinery needs a service module with the following:

Reactors can only be equipped in a Refinery in solar systems with a security rating of 0.4 or lower (i.e., not in high security space). Reactors come in three variants and support the following types of reactions:

  • Standup Biochemical Reactor I - Allows reactions of k-space cosmic signature gases to create chemicals used in the production of Boosters.
  • Standup Composite Reactor I - Enables reactions with moon ores to create materials needed as part of the T2 production supply chain.
  • Standup Hybrid Reactor I - Supports reactions involving w-space Fullerite gases to create intermediate products for T3 item and ship production.

Thank you. That explains it. I have my refi ery in a 0.5 system. Thanks.

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