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So I am fairly new to this game, I have finished the Career Agent missions and have moved on to the SOE arc and I am working my way through it. I am having a blast in my Algos and have really fallen in love with this ship, the look, how it plays, etc… I having fun doing missions and handling combat/exploration sites.

So on to my question. I’ve decided to dedicate my skill training atm to mastering all the skills that would make flying this ship better. Realistically how long can I expect to use this ship? It seems to work great for this SOE arc and I bet it’d be fine for level 1 missions and such. Will it hold up with skill training and actual skill in level 2s? Will it hold up when I go to more and more combat/exploration sites? What am I looking at here realistically? What kind of content can I expect to do in this ship and what kind of content will I have to move on to another ship to advance to?

I wouldn’t sweat it dude. You will likely spend more and more time in other ships as time goes on, but those skills will never become useless. First, all the support skills will apply to a very wide range of ships (i.e. drones, tanking, gunnery, and navigation skills), and even the more specific skills (i.e. Gallente Destroyer and small hybrid turret) are useful/required for other ships (i.e. Catalyst [T1/Ganking], Hecate [T3], Eris [Interdictor], Magus [Command Destroyer]).

I’ve never regretted training for a ship that I enjoyed flying, but if you’re looking to future proof yourself, you should concentrate on training support skills, as they will apply to a very wide range of ships. You might also consider moving up to the Vexor. It shouldn’t bee too expensive for a newbro such as yourself, it’s a great and versatile ship, and Cruisers are an absolutely amazing ship size. Thus, you’ll likely get a lot of mileage out of the Gallente Cruiser skill:

  • Vexor [T1 Drone Boat]
  • Thorax [T1 Blasters]
  • Celestis [T1 Ewar]
  • Exequror [T1 Logi]
  • Deimos & Isthar [HAC]
  • Phobos [HIC]
  • Oneiros [Logi]
  • Arazu [Recon]
  • Lachesis [Recon]
  • Proteus [T3]
  • Exequror Navy Issue [Navy Faction]
  • Vexor Navy Issue [Navy Faction]
  • Cynabal [Pirate Faction]
  • Orthrus [Pirate Faction]
  • Stratios [Pirate Faction]
  • Gila [Pirate Faction]
  • Vigilant [Pirate Faction]

I know for a fact that the algos can be used for level 2’s, but that’s about as far as it will take you in missions.

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Thanks for the info. I just really fell in love with this ship, such a cool concept and design. Glad to hear it will work into level 2s and the skills will carry over once I swap to a Vexor. But it sounds like it’s something I can fly for a little while without it becoming a detriment, which is what I was wondering. Thanks again.

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Algos is also a decent PvP ship … however, in EvE ships are tools / ammo, with progress in skills you want to pick the ships best suited to the desired task.

All ship classes are valid regardless of skill point level, bigger does not equal to better, just different use case.

Also, avoid getting attached to a specific ship “instance”, it’s ok and normal to lose ships in EvE.

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I’ve been playing for like 4 years, and I still use my Algos every day as a salvage ship, and whatever else I need a destroyer for. Sometimes Sunesis. But, I fly all kinds of ships for all kinds of reasons.

Don’t think of ships becoming useless…that’s too linear for this game. You could effectively fly that ship forever if you want.

The game is what YOU want it to be, not what anyone else says it should be for you.


If you master the algo’s chances are you will enjoy the Magus even more as it has a 100km boost ontop of more tank and damage and can do ded’s up to 4/10 and also thrives in low sec and faction warfare as a dominant ship.

You’ll like the Algos. Then you’ll try a Vexor and like it more, then you’ll try a Myrmidon and like it even more. Then it will get totally destroyed by a guy flying a frigate. Then you’ll be back to square 1.

Play what you like. There is nothing wrong with flying an Algos and mastering it. All of the skills you train for it will help in other ships also.

There are always better ships. Bigger is not always better. However you will eventually want to train into different things. The Algos is probably only good for lvl 2 security missions. You can complete lvl 3 but it will be very slow.

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Thanks for all the advice everyone. I am sticking with this for now as it’s doing a great job of carrying me through the content I am doing. Once I move on to different or higher level content I’ll switch it up if I have to, pick something fit for the job. But I think I am always going to hang on to at least 1 Algos, if only for nostalgia purposes. It’s just a really cool ship imo.


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