Realistic Thrusters During Deceleration

When the ship is accelerating, it makes sense for the thrusters to show trails.
But why would the rear thrusters be firing when the ship is slowing down?
Can the game recognize when the desired speed has been achieved, and let the ship coast without fire coming out the back?
It’s kind of embarrassing to show something the game and realize the ship is trying to speed up when it’s slowing down… Makes no sense.

because if the thrusters just shut off you would slow down to fast you would be surprised just how much resistance these ships are forcing themselves through in the hyper realistic jibbidy jupe made by the warp drives :roll_eyes:

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they are not thrusters - they are heat vents for whatever engine is inside.


A frigate travelling at 5 AU/sec is moving at roughly 2400 times the speed of light. Whatever powers these ships does not depend on Newton’s 3rd law!


Man, I would love to talk to an Ishukone engineer to take a look at those inertia dampeners…


Eve ships run on magic and orphan tears.


nobody tell this guy what happens when you wind up in the center of a star…

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Afaik you cant anymore. At least CCP claimed that they have fixed bookmarks that lead inside the sun/planets to force ships to land at normal 0 instead.

But those who remember will tell tales of carriers moving at subwarp speeds of several million km/sec… Or even older times of nano dual mwd ravens that flew faster than interceptors and faster than missiles they fired…


As was said, they are not thrusters–rather thermic port ‘exhaust pipes’ for the waste heat of ‘enhanced physics’ from the Power Enhanced Generator system.


did you disengage the external inertial dampener?


I did this very thing with a plated Revelation that I put into siege when I landed at one of those bookmarks.
By the way the speed of light is a sliver below 300.000km/s and therefore I was going more than 10 times the speed of light without being “in warp”.

It took more than 20 minutes to decelerate down to a speed where I was able to warp back to the station.

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I still prefer the tales of torp Kestrels, but the old non-warp warp mechanics are right up there.

I feel like the developers just don’t care and they had someone come out and “nerd talk” us to death with random words like “energy rectifier” and “space energy” and “energy tendrils” and “waste-enhanced energy” and “converging dual energy pulsed power” and “interlacer” that are intended to overload the language centers of most brains and give us a sense of feeling insecure so we just nod and agree.

I’m not sold, and it just looks like laziness. Let your imagination wander just for a moment and you will see how this explanation doesn’t make any sense.
First exhibit: Waste energy (which by the way isn’t waste energy because it’s interlaced back into the capacitor?) should be vented harder shortly after acceleration and possibly even continue venting after the warp is over. Rather than a single mode, on or off.
Exhibit 2: The sub-warp “thrusters” are the same thing, and give off about the same amount of energy despite having millions of times less work to do.

That’s all I’m gonna say for now, I don’t feel like trying too hard to rain on anyone’s parade. I just hoped they would fix it instead of try to parley their way around doing the work.

Would Newtonian physics being aplied to eve make the game a more engaging experience?

Probably not.

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It’s deep than that, kinetic physics? velocity + collision = BOOM

You realise bookmarks weren’t even the leading cause of this right? And you can still very much have this happen to you.

Would people mind if their ships did a 180 degree “flip” whilst in warp to decelerate ala “The Expanse” style?

Well the direction the ship points has no effect on the propulsion

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