Reasons for Superblob Buff is $Profit$ and not balance


So everyone is wondering about the impact the super-blob highways will have on the game balance. Everyone is rightfully asking what the hell is the CCP balance team doing, if anything at all. Changes are slow, late or totally out of meta.

The answer in my opinion is that this has nothing to do with balance team. This is about forcing the game in the direction of even bigger super blobs. This has been the direction for the past 3 years if you connect the dots. If you are’nt a super-blob in null, you live on the mercy of those who do. The only way out for you is more supers, and therefore, more faxes and to support all this, the most efficient means: Rorqual afk (rewards multi-boxing) or multi-box vni ratting (DDAs getting buffed…and rewards more multi-boxing). It’s all about pushing existing players to have more and more and more subscriptions.

So that means, that if you’re a subcap guy, i.e. 1 guy with 1 active account, i.e. not a turbo nerd/autist, you pretty much mean nothing in grand scheme of things, until you open your wallet and subscribe multiple accounts to support your cap toons and that grind your way to get that plex, hence increasing demand for plex.

In summary, this particular change is derived to force the current active and involved users to increase their active subscription count, through direct $$ or through plex.

Thus, at the end of the day, this has absolutely nothing to do with balance, its about $$$.

Remember, CCP’s new owners have a deal that means certain targets in terms of real life $$ have to be earned.

At the end of the day, CCP isn’t a charity and wants to earn more money, which is fine, but you’re really just ■■■■■■■ over your playerbase going in this direction and that is evident from the falling averages since 2013, (despite the alpha accounts). CCP’s focus has been to squeeze more $ out of existing long term players instead of growing and retaining the player base (and waste that $ on side projects).

Their new hyped content has been gilas-online and more ways to farm more isk.

clap please


Even then, that seems pretty short sighted. PvP is the most exciting part of the game, all this does is encourage krabbing, which discourages PvP, decreasing overall content. When everyone stops fighting and starts defending, what will be left? Just shooting rats and mining rocks, and neither are really engaging.


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