Rebels of Zhadum -looking for USTZ high sec miners!

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Hello, all:
We are looking for highsec miners in the US Timezone. Possible candidates should be willing/able to fly a tech 1 barge. Interested candidates should have the necessary to skills to fly up to the respective battle cruiser(s) of their race.

We offer:
** 1. An Athanor with compressing, reprocessing and manufacturing facilities**
2.Moon mining ops(usually every week or every other week)
3.Quick and convenient access to Jita, which is 5 jumps away from our station

Interested candidates need to apply via the in game application. Applications need to include a candidates timezone, how often they are on, and what the candidates primary in game activities are. For questions/concerns please reply to this thread with your question(s) or contact me in game(via eve mail)
with your question(s).

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