Recommend me a new wireless router

Question for you all, I am currently using the isp’s wifi built in router which sucks. Now because I am not gaming on a laptop or using wireless connection for gaming (my PC is it’s connected via a LAN port) I don’t need to drop big bucks on a router like some of the “gaming ones” I have seen around correct?

Right now I just use the wifi for basic things like to connect and stream to my android box and to connect few other wireless devices, no file sharing/gaming or anything like that.

Highlight wireless router by selecting it by pressing the left mouse-button, and dragging it across, over top of it.
Right-click it and chose

Search Google for ‘wireless router’

This will open a new tab with this info (from my end)
(different location may vary).

Alternately, you can also conduct a search for new wireless router,
instead of wireless router, and compare the differences,
whether for price difference,
difference for date of production,
difference for location, and so on…

Still pretty close imho.

Wasn’t looking for one in a while but go for dual band
2.4ghz for guest user low end laptops toasters and what not and
5.0ghz for gaming,streaming etc
Should run you 40-50 bucks and cover all the basics.

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Either build your own with this:

You can run Pfsense on it or just a regular Linux with your own stuff (this is what I use)

Or if you don’t like to build your own but still want an awesome open source router, this one would be my choice:

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If you’re living in a place with up to 2 bedrooms, you should be ok with a normal Wifi router, 5ghz preferable as mentioned already.

At the point of about 2+ bedrooms, depending on your floor plan, you may start to need a mesh type WiFi. I was kinda skeptical at first about mesh, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fluid and speedy they are. This may all depend on which model you settle with though, and placement of mesh units.

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