Reconquista of Providence part I

Historia Missionaria Galaxia: Primus Providence.
By Saint Vaari.

So it happened, that dark and evil forces, under the flag of Short Bus Squad pushed through our mighty defenses. Many were the wailing of our soldiers and strategists while dark hexers and pirates poured through key systems and took our well loved region under their control.

Hunters wailed and miners cried, and their tears rised high and salty. Our good and just Sir Daedalus of CVA heard his subjects cry and while driven out of his home, decided to bring light back into Providence.

Well loved Daedalus gathered his arms and followers, and did well, and assaulted his home. While pushing through pirate barriers in R3 said he these words.

-Ye misguided heretix! Im Sir Daedalus of the blessed CVA! Bring ye leaders unto me, so I might serve them swift death. In return, I allow thee safe passage away from our home.

These words did he say but nay! The enemy did not listened.

Blessed Daedalus thus penetrated deep into Providence, but pressed on every side, while holy, he could not be at all sides every time.

Well did our our regional liege remembered his deares friend, Sainted Lord Vaari! Messenger did he sent to the deepest pocket of Providence, which still resisted the invaders.

-Lord Vaari, thrise be blessed be thy name! May your house rule forever and may your wisdom guide me! I require your help, indeed I demand it. In the name on God, sanctity of Providence, thine home and the crown of Amarr!

These words were written by expensive golden ink into most softest paper. Well did Sir Deadalus knew, that Sainted Lord Vaari were not his unconditional friend, but many sins and trespasses were Sir Daedallus made unto Sainted Lord Vaari.

Still. Sanctity of blessed Providence were in question, so he counted Sainted Lord Vaari as his friend in this, and so sent the messenger on the dangerous journey to the Bastion-pocket of the most holy one in Providence.

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