Recovered accounts and SiSi


Sorry if i posted this in the wrong area it was sort of confusing where to put this, it says absolutely do not put in petitions about SiSi but many of the posts I found the final result to be: put in a petition. Sorry again if this is the wrong place.

About a month ago I came back to the game and did account recovery because it had been 10 years.
I want to try the new abyssal sites with my corp-mates (they want to see if I’m able to do it and where best I’ll fit with other corp members) however my accounts still have the past account information. Part of the problem is I don’t have access to those old email addresses.
I was wondering if there was a way to mirror my account information or do i basically have no hope of getting on sisi?


You’ll need to wait for the next mirror. There’s no telling when that will be.

Questions/Issues regarding Singularity should go in Test Server Feedback

So, CCP is keeping old account data, personal data, and credentials on sisi even after players have changed them on the account management page?

Sounds like a major security flaw. People change their passwords, email addresses and 2FA settings for reasons.

Also, why isn’t login and account management completely separate from the GAME server?

A mirrored account is technically a separate account, and it is an account with duplicate credentials (BAD) without any self-service account management (VERY BAD). And players are not informed about this issue until they run into it by accident.

Any actual infosec experts (I’m not one) or GDPR lawyers are welcome to tell me that all of this is fine…

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