Recreating a Great Power

New Eden Industrial Navy is currently undergoing rebirth. Operation Blue Pheonix is in effect and we are looking for a few good leadership minded pilots during this time. We will be working with close allies to rebuild a corporation and form a new alliance. Before Real Life forced the CEO to face events no man would wish to, NE-IN was making on average 120 Billion Isk a month doing Capital Production for the big blue donut in the sky.

Pilots will be extremely vetted as this is ground-floor recruiting. The pilots who enter here should be empire builders, leaders, and have the drive to do great things in the game. We are a RL first corp. We are starting out in highsec again as we take account, however, NE-IN has always and will always be in Nullsec. Our goal is to return to this. We have our plans, we have our dreams. Let’s build them together.

Join our discord today:

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