Recruit link spam is out if control in most channels

So the recruit link spam is getting totally crazy. Can anything be done? It’s in almost all channels and forget about trying to help noobs in npc corp channels. Those channels are totally unusable, since all convo dies to constant spam. It’s in local too, in anywhere with more thank a few pilots. It’s like every channel is Jita now.

They won’t do anything about it. There are also Russian Gold/ISK spammers in Rookie Help each and every day…

The worst part is that some people are advertising it as an “official CCP link” that players “have” to go through.

I can only imagine how many newer players fell for this, giving these people free stuff without realizing they could have self-referred, or followed a friend’s link.

These people should be given permanent bans from the game across all accounts for doing this, but CCP doesn’t seem to give a ■■■■ at all.


Scamming is allowed in this game so why not spammers?

If we can scam we can spam.

Yes, i also got eve mails purporting to be CCP. While scamming is allowed, impersonating CCP and their employees probably should be bannable.

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This is out-of-game.


In-game scamming happens too.

Also, Local in Jita is spammed with bs Contracts and Hyper-whatever it’s called… spam isn’t new in games chat.

That’s fine, but we’re not talking about the same thing. In-game scamming relates to in-game transactions, while this concern players’ accounts.

Only as far as free skill points and some goodies for the one who refers. I see no harm in the result of that kind of spam. Yes, it’s annoying but Local is annoying anyways. I don’t even have it open most of the time, good thing we can still see how many pilots in system without having that window open.

Do tell.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

And Americans polluting the forum.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Scamming and spamming is allowed within the context of the game.

Links to websites, including recruiter links, are not part of the ingame universe. You are not allowed to scam people out of their accounts or real money, and I’m pretty sure recruiter links would fall under the ‘out of game’ scams that are not allowed.

Next, these people spam and scam in rookie help chat, which has never been allowed.

Here’s the thing. Recruiter links are not a scam. They’re annoying, but annoying doesn’t count as scamming.

They’re not only allowed, but encouraged by CCP. And as I said in another thread, recruit spamming will fix itself in a week or two. So spend a week Christmas shopping or going on tinder dates if you’re so upset seeing this specific spam.

You might find that reporting in game when you see this behavior instead going full Karen in the forum would be more effective.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I hope not, but posting the link to free skill points given by CCP isn’t exactly scamming people out of their accounts or real money.
I clicked on one of the links posted in corp chat and got me 1mil sp. If the guy who posted that gets a bonus it’s ok by me, I also got something out of it.

Isn’t there a GM in the rookie channel?
If recruiter links are scams why did CCP allow it?

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Someone needs to read the eula/tos regarding impersonating ccp

Not always

Even when ccp/gms are “seen” in rookie help, i think some are afk

IsDs however are not afk.

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Impersonating a CCP employee is bannable IIRC.
In fact I think it’s basically an automatic ban if evidenced.


Yes, I reported it. GM Ice Cream responded, and they are investigating.

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