Recruiting Mission Runners

Rings of Hell is a High sec mission running corp based in Amarr space.
Very laid back and enjoy a good laugh.Looking to rebuild our corp from the ground up
and make some long term friendships.
Primarily an AU TZ but all TZ most welcome

                  -  We offer -

► Access to lvl 1 to 4 mission agents for various NPC corps
► Fitting advice and training
► Great atmosphere
► War Dec free
► No mandatory Corp Ops
► Low Tax

           -    Requirements -

► Willing to learn and participate
► Active tho real life takes priority
► Strive to better themselves
► Friendly Attitude and good sense of humour
► Able to Speak and Understand English

Drop into our Public Channel ROH Pub Or mail a recruiter with any questions.

Still looking for some good people

please only bump once in a 24 hr period.

Still need more peeps

New week so new bump

Still recruiting

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