Recruting Blops enthusiats! Lowsec AND Null shennigans. Harrowing Harlots is recruiting!

Are you tired of Villy welping your supers? Big Null blocks making you there cuck? Join Harrowing Harlots! Apart of Domain mining and Research and Wrecking Crew!

What we offer-

Dank frags(Misaba is the definition of lazy pvp)

Active Blops and Super usage(No we wont yeet you into M2-)

Lowsec AND Null space for krabs(level 5s,moons,ratting etc)

Chill zone. We are a laid back group of avid PvPers.

Daily pvp opportunity’s( ESS fleets, Coalition fights, alliance ops regularly)

Memes(we are not politically correct. Older playerbase. Please dont ask for a diplo or be a snowflake)

What we are looking for-

Active players(Blops capable a plus!)

Be willing to fly higher end doctrines

Willing to learn! We are more than willing to teach. Over 20 years of experience among corp leadership!

IRL comes first always

Interested? for more info. Click here for more info Or dm ingame


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