Recycling In the UK

My suggestion to raising the cost on food is this.

Have weekly Recycling Day Coupon offers where shoppers bring in X amount of plastic bottles and get X amount of discounts on select food, especially food that is close to expiring and would simply been thrown away.

The more money that the grocery saves on not throwing away the expired food and money made from collecting the plastic bottles and then recycling and sending the bottles to China for consumption means that the community will be cleaner and healthier, people will get deals on close to expiration dated foods and workers might even get a raise.

Something definitely needs to be done about the disgusting amount of food thrown away by businesses in the UK every single day. People starve in other countries while we throw away more than enough food to feed them, this is wrong.


Trash Island is no better.

Maybe if those other countries would farm more and f**k less, they wouldn’t be starving…


From my experience the poorer the population is the more they have kids…

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Exactly. As counter-intuitive as it is, that’s usually the case. Even in countries as well off as the United States, people in poor communities keep popping out kids left and right. In the United States, however, there’s a reason they do that. The more kids you have, the more government assistance you get.

Then you have countries like India, with the highest population density on this entire planet, and what do they do? Keep multiplying like rabbits, even though there are so many people they are literally shi**ing in the streets…

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