Red/Blue Bundle on Sale - CCP Joke behind it?

So for 24h we can buy

  • 1 Skill Extractor
  • 2 pieces of common and cheap Apparel
  • 1 Stratios SKIN worth ~20m
  • 100 Pieces of Firework

For the great price of only 325 PLEX.

Hey, that’s not even 3 times the price of 1 Skill Extractor (if not bought in a pack) and only costs you 500-600 Million more compared to simply buying these things on the in-game market.

Nce try CCP.

Talking about this offer btw


Stupid whales will buy it anyway and those people are who CCP is after nowadays. CCP these days is more concerned with milking whales than good development of EVE.

Good find.

Maybe. I think it might be a mistake that comes from over-valueing the Stratios SKIN. In the NES it costs 250 PLEX, but on the market it goes for 20M. They should have checked the market.

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Markets fluctuate, the new eden store value is what counts. ISK value of things is not important. Or so goes CCP’s logic.

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