Red dots by player names in chat

wat do the red dots by player names in chat mean?
Only some of my friends have this, I thought it was maybe i added as friend but they didnt add me back but I tested it so idk wat it means

That’s basically it. You added them, but you were not added back. So you see them as “offline” even though they may not be. Now if they add you, when they are online, they’ll have a green dot. Where as offline, they won’t appear

but I did it with my alt, and we have red dots to each other, neither are buddy listed just added as excellent contact

oh wait, maybe you’re right. sorry i guess i didnt click the buddy list button on the alt

I see this all the time on many alts when multiboxing, it’s like the system shows that client as offline yet the client is online.

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Welcome back @Jim_Era, long time no see.

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