Contacts - All Red

All contacts are red dots and no notifications when contacts log on or off. Even when they are in your fleet.
Other accounts work just fine.
What is it?

Did you mess with the Overview settings?

Um, are you talking about the old contact watch list (i.e. not the fleet watchlist, but the thing that preceded the buddy list)?

So, it used to be that if you added someone to the watchlist, it would notify you when people logged on and off. Nowadays, however, both parties have to add each other to the “Buddy List” in order to get those notifications. Presumably, it’s so that friends can still see when each other log on, but that people can no longer get free intel on their enemies, targets, and competition.

Long story short, nobody cares enough about you to add you to their buddy list :cry:

I’m kidding.

No P2W


Your contacts will show up as green when logged in if they also have you added as buddy.

I don’t know what you did, but you fixed it.
Its working again.

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