Red Star Orbital Stash Hunt - Any further information?

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is it just me or is there not really much information about the Red Star Orbital Stash Hunt as part of the “Happy Lunar Event”?

How many stashes are we talking about here? Are they only in nullsec or everywhere (including WH space)? Does it require a password - like the Orbital Stash Hunt?

If it’s, say, 10 stashes in 7,000 systems, then it wouldn’t really be a search or a hunt, but more of a serendipity. So it wouldn’t be worth it to really go looking for it - unless you’re really bored and don’t know what else to do with your time.

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I’ve seen sod all outside of the twitter post. I hit the suns in 50+ high- and low-sec systems the other day and found a whole lot of nothing. From what the post said, it leads me to believe that they’d just be…there, and wouldn’t have to be scanned down. D-Scan also came up empty, so I’m over here scratching my head as well. Not to mention the Daily Refills that were referenced - are the cans stationary, and will be topped off after downtime? Will they be moved? Will it be like data and relic sites, which can respawn in other systems in the same constellation? Lots of questions here, and not a lot to go off of.

I found an empty one today. First time I’ve looked. I was just doing my NPC kill for SP and noticed Odotte has a red sun, and the event is Red Stargazing, so I warped to 20km and there it was.

Sorry for the crappy screenshot; it’s off Eve Anywhere.

Hope you find some with loot.

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How did you find it? Did you scan it down, or was it just…there?

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It was just sitting there like a cargo container. I didn’t try scanning. I warped to the sun @ 20km and it was about 17km away, iirc. I (oversized) afterburnered to it.

Tried finding some on red giants with 2 accounts just now for 1 hour flying in opposite directions and warping to red stars at 0. So Basically, around 40 stars. Nothing. I am done with this.

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