Redshift Tactical [RTAC.] - Wormhole Corp Looking For Players Who Love PvP/PvE and Making Isk


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Please be very cautious if you’re honestly considering this corporation!!

Hey everyone who reads this, I started the playing the game again recently and joined this corporation. They were friendly enough at first, but I went on holiday with the family and came home to find out I was kicked from the corporation. No message or anything to explain why. I assume it’s because of my week or two of inactivity to spend time with my family, but they never said I had to outline my life plans for them to work around. In fact, they took pride on telling me during the interview process that it’s a relaxed environment where “real life comes first.” Ironically, they could have easily sent me an in-game message or something on Discord that I easily could have responded to. BUT! Maybe they thought I was a spy?

Either way, it’s just a game. I’m not going to fret over something small like that.

Since they are a wormhole corporation, you have to move all your valuable stuff to their station. After they kicked me (from Discord as well), I sent them an in-game message to request they help me move my stuff out of the station. After a week of no response (two messages sent), I decided to just move what I could out of the station and trash the rest since I wasn’t going back.

Be very careful about joining them as this could be a tactic they employ. Invite people into their corporation and then kick them out with no ability to retrieve your ships and what not.

Fly safe!

Edit: I specifically contacted Tombstone Jack, Sloppy Biscuits, Davos Darkstar, and Shinleya Darkwing.

Edit 2: Here’s what the first mail said that I sent on 02 Jun 2021:

"Hey all,

I’ve been kicked f rom the corp (no reason necessary, no hard feelings), but I’d like to know if you have someone I can pay to move my stuff to any k-space system since I no longer have access to the Astrahus.

I’ll put the courier contract(s) together and keep the sizes under a reasonable amount as needed.


Here’s what the follow-up mail to them said on 06 Jun 2021:

"Hey guys,

I was wondering why you weren’t responding since you didn’t seem the type to just ghost someone. I totally forgot I had a CSPA charge I set up forever ago for people to mail me.

I just changed it to 0 in case that’s why you didn’t respond.


After no response, I just left the station yesterday on 09 Jun 2021 since I didn’t want to wait around for them.

You were Kicked for not following wormhole protocols several times over. We made it very clear what would happen if you kept putting everyone else in danger. These precautions are taken for everyone’s safety. We have lots of people that are inactive and have been for quite some time, no one has ever been kicked for being inactive including you. We still tried to get your stuff back to you several times over despite all this and never got messages back. After not hearing back we get spammed with messages, like were supposed drop whatever we are doing when its convenient for you. When you come in and do a bunch of dumb stuff, tick off a whole community, and then expect that we make arrangements to get your stuff out for you too? Not that you had anything of significant value in here in the first place, I mean what were you expecting? Were 100 members strong and your one of the only problem members we ever had. Just another player that expects a corp to do everything for them.

Hey Davos,

I appreciate the response, but I feel it’s only because I mentioned this on the forum. I won’t be responding after this regardless of what you say, but I’ll definitely read whatever you write since doing otherwise would be rude.

Honestly, I’m not the person you think I am. It’s all very likely you guys made a mistake and kicked the wrong person whose name started with an “L”.

After I joined, I literally spent all my time buying ships and moving them in. I joked around with some people about secretly wanting to get close to Sloppy and have us fall in love since he lived in London (apologies if it was a different British guy!). I asked about flying ships and was told the ones you use the most are the Prospect for ice mining and the Leshak which was ironically the only battleship I couldn’t fly with my large amount of SP. Someone also gave me a Gila fit they used after I requested it. I asked some question about setting up the galaxy finder, noticed your corporation name was misspelled on there, and, at one point, mentioned I was excited for finding a game on my iPad before being moved into the “other game” chat in Discord (totally cool with that).

I spoke to Tombstone who invited me to join, and he was all aboard inviting me on the spot. He’s super friendly and a great recruiter, by the way. I actually waited a few days to check out how active people were going to be in my time zone before accepting. Beyond moving ships in for a week or so since it’s tough with only 13k of room in the cloaky industrial I was using, I didn’t even get a chance to scan down sites or join anyone on a fleet before leaving on holiday. There’s literally no possible way I could have put anyone in danger, and I explicitly told everyone I was a returning player if I did happen to make a mistake. Which, again, not a single person said anything about.

I genuinely believe this has been a misunderstanding on your part. Regardless, I wish you guys all the best in the future, and I would recommend you at least help people out if they’re willing to pay you to move their stuff out of your Astrahus.


Luda Quist