[REDSO] Reyes del Suicidio looking for pilots


Come have a chat!

Bumping. And we’re still recruiting!


Recruitment still open.

Casual, adults, pvp/indy loving the wormholes!

Alpha’s, new players, bitter vets and wormhole curious encouraged to join our public chat in game, send me a message or reply here.

Indy/pvp corps also welcome to join the USURPER Alliance.

Explore your options but don’t miss out on joining a good corp/alliance and have fun.

We can teach pvp to indy guys interested!

Suicide Kings (Part of the USURPER Alliance) wormhole corp still recruiting, looking for 8-10 more pilots.

Alliance recruiting small pvp wormhole corps.

If interested join our public chat REDSO Pub or mail me in game!

Come on snow! Winter is here :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas EVE!

Consider us when looking for a laid back fun corp living in a wormhole.

Be part of a growing alliance! Making solo/small gang pvp great again!

USTZ, English speaking, PVP & Indy welcome.

Come chat!!

Bumping… Start the New Year off with a new experience!

Wormhole life, PVE, PVP, Indy.



Recruitment is open for EUTZ &USTZ PVP pilots.

EUTZ would also have PVE options in neighboring wormholes.

USTZ PVP for HD and roams.

New to wormhole space is not a problem, we’ll get you up to speed.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Recruiting is still open for EU & US TZ

PVP pilots - still looking for 5-10 more 20:00-04:00 eve time

Indy pilots always welcome

join our pub chat and say hi!

Still looking for 5-10 pvp pilots