[REDSO] Reyes del Suicidio looking for pilots

(Bjorn Bearhands) #1

We are a small corp looking for more pilots that are looking to experience WH life and what it entails. We are laid back open to new and experienced pilots alike. We have no log requirements, as real life takes precedence over anything else. We are most active during the NA TZ and some of the AU TZ.

Primary Focus

      Exploration and Sites




      10,000,000 SP
      Willingness to learn and fly fleet doctrine

Please reach out to Bjorn Bearhands, Morsimo Khan, or Sonny Wolfe in game for any questions.
You can join our channel: REDSO Pub

We look forward to flying with you! o7

(Bjorn Bearhands) #2


(Sonny WOLFE) #3

We’ve already had some great pilots join!

Come join the fun!

PVP and exploration!

New bros (10M sp preferred) and bitter vets welcome. We train!

Relaxed atmosphere, Teamspeak and Discord (for out of game chat and pings), Tripwire for sig mapping and fleet-up for fits.

Small corps may also be considered.

Interested? Hop in our public chat channel ‘REDSO Pub’

(Sonny WOLFE) #4

New to EVE? Returning Bitter Vet? Just interested in trying out wormhole life?

Join our public channel "REDSO Pub’ and chat with us to see if we’re a good match.

Laid back and lots of fun!

PVP Roams, sometimes decent ops with friendly corp!

Lots of exploration! Have at least 10M SP to cloak and scan.

Good isk from sites, combat, relic and data.

Variety of communication platforms to chat.

Citadels to keep your assets safe and clone jump .

We will train new pilots!

Small corporations also considered.

Why join a corp with a lot of rules and structure when you can join and fly at your leisure, learn and just have fun, which is what it’s all about!

English speaking USTZ.

We’re here for you!

(Sonny WOLFE) #5

Bumping get your attention.

If you’re looking for a growing laid back wormhole group, feel free to join our public channel and say hi, or send an evemail.


(Sonny WOLFE) #6

Recruiting continues! Join our chat and say hi!

(Sonny WOLFE) #7

Looking for a laid back corp/alliance? Interested in wormholes?

Check this recruitment link for more info and be sure to view the videos from the Media tab on top right.

Come chat with us REDSO Pub channel.

(Selzor Rin) #8


(Sonny WOLFE) #9

Hey there! Looking for something new to do? Want to be with a small, growing group of vets?

If you’re a new bro to eve, 10M skill points or more, we can teach you wormhole life.
Industrial players welcome too!
Bitter vets we have a little of everything and laid back attitude.

Join our chat channel and say hi!

Experienced FC with roams 4-6 nights a week! Get your PVP action!

And we generate content with other WHers and Empire space groups coming in for it.

USTZ, East to West coast and in between, English speaking and ready to have fun in EVE!

What are you waiting for? ‘REDSO Pub’ in game chat channel.

(Sonny WOLFE) #10

WOW, eventful day in EVE!

CO2 gets betrayed by their CSM representative!
But CO2 will survive! They are a good alliance, I know, I was there for a while.

However if you’re new and null shy now, a null player not wanting to deal with the politics, a returning vet or anyone who wants to give Wormhole space a shot, join our public chat ‘REDSO Pub’

We’re small but growing, 2 more guys joining!

(Sonny WOLFE) #11


We’re still recruiting!

New to EVE?
New to wormholes?
Returning vet?
Looking for something different?

Join our public chat channel "REDSO Pub’ and say hi!

We’re laid back and just having fun!

(Sonny WOLFE) #12

Bumping the thread. What more can I say that I haven’t already?

So come chat with us!

We have fun, no pressures.

(Sonny WOLFE) #13

why haven’t you come chat with us in our public channel?

Bumping this and hoping you’ll think about living in a wormhole with laid back pilots just having fun making isk and PVP. Indy guys are welcome to come too!

Small corps also considered to join the alliance.


(Sonny WOLFE) #14


Come chat with us if you’re interested in wormhole life with a laid back group!

REDSO Pub chat channel

(Morsimo Khan) #15


(Sonny WOLFE) #16

If you’ve read this far, what are you waiting for? Come say hi!

Pilots & small corporations welcome!


(Sonny WOLFE) #17


Still looking for up to 10 more pilots (pvp/indy)

Small corporations also welcome!

Come chat with us!

(Sonny WOLFE) #18

Still recruiting!

(Millbanks) #19


(Sonny WOLFE) #20

bumping… Why have you read this far and not either posted or joined our pub chat?