Reduce jumpclone timer to 12 or 16 hour

I get why there is a substantial jumpclone timer, but 24 hour gives allot of wasted time/content.

Games are all about consuming content and this would be no different for EVE. I find I have been missing out on allot of content the last couple of years due to the fact that for example:

  1. your a bit between timezones, so your shared content is always on the beginning or the end of your gametime. Let’s say it is at the beginning of your game time till half your gametime, that leaves you with the second half in witch you could possibly spend on other content within the game.
    In that case jumpcloning is not a real option, because if you want to be back the next day (for possible content), you either have the fly back or choose not to do leave your area in the first place at all.

It would be nice if the jumpclone timer would be reduced to at minimum 16 hour so you can start your gametime clonejumping or end your gametime clone jumping and start the next day with the same option. Meaning you will never have to doubt clonejumping at the end of your gametime knowing you can jump back the next day if there is content.

A clonejump timer of 16 hours would in effect still have the same prefention mechanism, would most like increase the participation in the game of most pilots and thus more content for all (less station spinning, because you dont want to miss out on the action the next day and more flying around in some other area and jump back the next day)

You can jump clone in a citadel in ZERO timer


And you can reduce the time with skills by 4 or 5 hours. Then you have your timeframe.


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