Redundant entities descriptions in overview

Hey, you release new content but old flaws are still here!
Here is one of them - descriptions in overview are TOO LONG for certain entities.
For example - 8of10 combat site contains THREE gateways.
It’s logically wiser to put MEANINGFUL part of the description IN THE FRONT, so players could easily identify it.
Now, it looks like this:


Thanks for pointing this out. We will take a look at this asap. Said no one ever

(If you overview setup is like mine you cut of the part at the top where the full name is displayed if you select the gate)

Of course I can tweak overw accordingly… but let’s count the letters in phrase “acceleration_gate_to_”:
So, failing to describe in twenty letters where is this gate is leading to is not a good thing.
Should I be silent about it?

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