Reflections on the current state of the Empire

The Empire was founded upon the divine right to rule granted by God and is the pinnacle of civilization, the beacon of faith, and the bastion of order in the universe.

After an extended period of dealing with personal matters within my house, upon return I have grave concern and righteous indignation of the current state of the empire. The Amarr Empire is not weakened, but rather undergoing a trial of faith, a test sent by divine providence to purify and strengthen the faithful. After catching up on current affairs it seems the Empires current challenges are opportunities to demonstrate resilience and faith in the face of adversity.

Though i cannot ignore the realities of politics, warfare, and internal strife. I acknowledge that the Empire faces threats from both without and within, whether it be from rebellious vassals, cunning enemies, or even corruption within the clergy. It seems even the most esteemed Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris is but a shell of its former self. These challenges are not not however indicators of weakness inherent to the Empire itself, but rather temporary obstacles to be overcome through unwavering faith, righteous action, and the divine guidance of God.

The Empire’s strength ultimately lies not in the size of its fleets or the extent of its territories, but in the purity of its faith and the righteousness of its cause. I am confident that no matter the trials the Empire faces, the light of God will ultimately prevail, and the Amarr Empire will emerge stronger and more glorious than ever before.

I look forward to reconnecting with old and new friends of the Empire. Together we will prevail.

Amarr Victor

-Amiir Yassavi


I am not a Citizen of the Empire, nor a follower of Faith. Yet I did serve for about a year in the Empire while it was still our ally and have eliminated a number of capsuleer and baseliner enemies of Empress Jamyl I during this term. As well I was quite vocal in support of the Empire in its war against the Republic.

And I am quite saddened to see the betrayal that the Empire has committed and that we aren’t allies anymore - because of the path the Empire has chosen.

I am quite saddened as well to see certain people who were representing themselsves as “white knights” and paladins in defense of the Empire, but on other hand they were behaving in extremely dishonorable and ungrateful manner, disrespecting those, who risked life and even hurted themselves for their sake.

It is painful to see that such long standing corporation as PIE has abandon its military service to the Empire and that alliances like LUMEN has fallen into outright dishonorable and offensive behavior, representing the Empire in the worst light.

I repeat again, that I am not Imperial and I cannot nor have moral right to teach Amarr how to be Amarr. Yet I can tell you what I see.

And what I see is that Empire and its capsuleer representatives are get affected by gallentean way of life, gallentean hedonism, debauchery, their deranged culture and ideals. I have seen outright hedonists. I have seen people who have no Honor to answer for their words and failed to treat duels with respect. And that’s from the Empire, where duels are still official way of resolving disputes wherever affected person wants to prevent disgraces in courts of law…

I have seen pseudo-pro-Amarr organizations that build establishments to merge Amarr and Gallentean culture. I have seen Amarrs who behave like gallenteans - beleiving in “freedom of speech” and outright slandering people on public with false information and just like Gallenteans refusing to face consequences and judgement for their words. These pseudo-rights and pseudo-freedoms for certain individuals replace service to your country and to your Lord.

I don’t know how you will overcome humiliation of gallentean influence, and whether you will try to do this or not.

But in any case, I wish you good luck and hope that someday we can become allies again.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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The Empire stands at the crossroads. The new cloning technology peddled by Upwell represents one of the greatest threats in history.

It would be sorely tempting to embrace this machine. The prospect of instantly raising armies or regiments of labourers places the Empire, with its vast biological resources in an advantageous position.
Particularly when the Gallente seem keen to adopt this method - the prospect of innumerable Gallente backed up by equally innumerable drones is concerning indeed.

It would be tempting to raise a vast army of paladins, but… that would be a problem. Such an army, their righteousness would be a facade. One cannot create a righteous being ex nihilo. Synthetic righteousness is skin deep at best. When one cannot sin due to being created as a copy, one cannot then be righteous either.

The likes of Omir Sarikusa and his Blood Raider Covenant may be intending to use this technology. Indeed I’d expect them to. It would be his final act of surrendering to The Beast. Vast armies of instantly replaceable soldiers, to wage a forever war. Such is the nature of The Beast.

It Hungers.

Now I, being the greatest Sani Sabik capsuleer philosopher of the modern era, am not exactly in the best position to convince the Empress of the horrors made possible by this Upwell mass cloning device. But it must be remembered that I am also New Edens greatest Takmahl archaeologist, and as such, I have seen this happen before.

The Takmahl Empire was destroyed by the misuse of their mass cloning device for petty reasons. The Amarr Empire should not follow their example.

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Indeed, addressing the concerns raised regarding the new cloning technology, it’s paramount to acknowledge the profound implications it carries for the balance of power in New Eden. The allure of instant armies and an endless workforce presents a tantalizing prospect, particularly in the face of potential adversaries’ adoption.

The prospect of perpetuating endless conflict through disposable armies is not only morally repugnant but threatens to plunge New Eden into an era of unending strife, reminiscent of the darkest chapters of history.

Drawing from your expertise in Takmahl archaeology, the cautionary tale of their demise serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of wielding such power without restraint. The Amarr Empire, as a beacon of order and civilization in New Eden, must tread carefully to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

While your position as a Sani Sabik philosopher and Takmahl archaeologist may not afford direct influence over Imperial policy, your insights carry weight and merit consideration. By invoking the lessons of history and appealing to the Empress’s wisdom, it may be possible to steer the Empire away from a foolish decision and towards a path of enlightened stewardship.


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Your reflections on your service to the Empire and your disappointment in its current state resonate deeply. It’s evident that you hold a profound respect for the principles of honor and loyalty, qualities that have seemingly been eroded by the influences you’ve observed within Imperial circles.

The dissolution of alliances and the perceived decline in the Empire’s values, tarnished by what you perceive as Gallentean influence, are indeed cause for concern. The discrepancy between professed ideals and actual behavior, particularly among those who claim to champion the Empire, is disheartening.

Your perspective, though not born of Imperial allegiance, carries weight in its sincerity and keen observation. The encroachment of Gallentean hedonism and the erosion of traditional Amarr values are trends that cannot be ignored without consequence. The dilution of honor, the abandonment of duty, and the blurring of cultural boundaries threaten to undermine the very fabric of Amarr society.

While the path to rectifying these issues may seem daunting, it is not insurmountable. The resilience of the Empire and the steadfastness of those who still hold true to its core principles offer hope for a resurgence of Amarr identity and integrity. Though the road ahead may be fraught with challenges, there remains the possibility of reclaiming the Empire’s noble heritage and restoring its rightful place among the nations of New Eden.

Your well-wishes for a future alliance between our factions are a testament to your enduring belief in the potential for reconciliation and cooperation. May your hopes be realized, and may the Empire find the strength to overcome the trials it faces, emerging once more as a beacon of order and righteousness.
-Amiir Yassavi

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Well it’s more that I am somewhat of a polarising person, and some people instinctively express an opposite opinion, while others are frequently perturbed when I say something they would agree with.

Ask @Aria_Jenneth about it

Pretty sure her ladyship wouldn’t ask me the time of day, Dr. Valate.


Oh-- hm. This seems to be someone new-- or rather, someone less-visible-up-to-recently than her ladyship. I guess I didn’t look closely enough.

@Amiir_Yassavi My apologies, sir, for conflating you with … said person.

Basically, sir, Dr. Valate’s Sani Sabik, therefore a heretic in the eyes of the Imperial Rite by definition, and has a long history of offering her opinion with what might or might not be tongue firmly planted in cheek. (She’s probably mostly-serious at the moment.) There are also some folk about who just don’t usually get along with her. (The most major recently retired though I think.)

For Amarr in good standing it’s probably really mostly just that first one, though. Even if she’s not an awful person as Sabik go the perspective undergirding her ideas is … not in good standing. Even when they’re sound at root, they tend to have to go through a lot of scrubbing before they’re presentable in Imperial livery.

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