Refonte drone?

hello I wonder if one day CCp
Will you try to make the drones evolve?

Example of drone alternatives ?
attacked from the farthest at least
from the smallest to the biggest

Increase the bandwidth of some ships to make them real ships.
Today it has drone web stasis drone are never used…
If it would have a redesign .
Why not double the bandwidth of some ships .
I’d love too much 5 ecm 5 web … controlled by a single ship …

the thanatos drone was really good…
one day I hope to see real drone boat…
or better options and alternatives for our drone.s …

Well, they have to keep things balanced, and randomly beefing up drone bays probably won’t help in that regard.

Stasis drones suck because of their stacking penalty. CCP could probably fix it by beefing up their web strength, but so many ships gaining the ability to web out to 60km or more would certainly have balance implications.

This will never happen. CCP reduced the maximum number of drones that can be controlled by any ship to 5 (except for the rare Guardian Vexor) back in 2005.

Also, all ewar drones except ECM drones suffer from stacking penalties that make them basically useless. Their effects are so weak already, stacking penalties make the 5th ewar drone a waste. Besides, why waste time using ewar when you can just use damage drones to kill your target faster.

The drones don’t need a rework, they just need to be removed so kids don’t see them and think, “here’s my chance to propose a terrible idea!”

Or, as I once heard it put: a dead enemy is a disrupted enemy. I was told that it was an old Minmatar saying. :smiley:

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