Regarding Career Path Agents

What are the criteria that make career path agents available or unavailable?

Thus far the only one I can determine for sure is standing must be positive.

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Career agents are available to brand new players, so I suppose they have the same requirements as L1 agents ? This is to take with a grain of salt though, I’m not sure.

All in all, it must be extremely hard to revoke the access to a career agent.

It is not. I am looking for specifics though. Thanks for answering.

career agents can only be done once. but there are 3 sets for each empire. You can use the agency to look at the closest career agent to you and warp to that area. (edit: according to EVE Uni, there is no limit on how often they can be done… I was under the impression, they were a one time agent after completing)

If you declined a mission before in one of the career agents, you won’t be able to finish it. (You may be able to get a GM through the F12 function to reset it)

I was able to do both the gallente and caldari ones, but the minmatar ones were not available to me

is there something specific on screen when you try to select a minmatar agent?

there is not. I physically went to the station where minmitar start out, where they should be, and there were no agents listed for me.

Here’s the list where you’re supposed to find them:

Didn’t change for over a decade…

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that is precisely where I went and no agents were available. thus my original question.

Are they red or invisible?

invisible, not present.

Hmm, did you happen to switch to “visitors”? Then the agents are hidden.
Perhaps you can also try via the Agency window.

Just one of the three locations, or all three? I can log in a couple alts to check and see if they show for me, but I’d like to be sure of which system(s) you are having issues with first. AFAIK nothing will entirely remove agents from display (inaccessible-by-standings agents will still show up, but not offer you missions), and level 1 agents are always accessible (unless the individual agent falls below -2 standing with you, which is impossible with the career agents).

I was not on the visitors tab, I checked and yeah Mikkaden, if you can see if they are there for you I can check. I looked at 2 of the three.

This character (Minmatar origin, positive Minmatar faction standings) can see Minmatar career agents as ‘Available to you’ in Hadaugago and Embod without any issues. All 15 agents came up in the Agency’s Agent Finder (options ‘type = career agent’ and ‘faction = minmatar republic’) as well. I didn’t fly to the third system due to time constraints.

Due to Diplomacy, none of my characters have sufficiently poor standings to actually show as negative with the Minmatar Republic to test appearance with poor faction standings; all of them were able to get the agents to show up in the Agency via Agent Finder.

Can you get them to show up via the Finder? If not, I suggest bug reporting it - they should appear there (do a before/after test by checkmarking ‘ignore standings requirement’ too just in case, I guess?)

i’m -3.51 effective standings with the rustbuckets of New Eden, i’ll see if i can pull them up on Agency.

Edit: I see all 15 under the agency for Minmatar Republic. @Mirael_Lightstep if you are not minmatar in origin, you’ll have to go under Agent finder, and select career agents. if you go to agent missions/career agents, it seems that will only bring up your origin faction agents…

So you’ll do (Agents & Missions) (Agent Finder)
Agent type: Career Agents
Faction: Minmatar Republic

no need to filter standings because negative standings or not you’ll see them.

career agents only shows gallente for me.

Submit a bug report then. If you can’t see them after filtering out minmatar faction even with bad standings you need to report that to. ccp

Did you look under agent finder or career agents? Two different things

In case visuals help:

The Agency has two options to display information about Career Agents.

Option 1: Career Agent menu.

This menu will only show the agents for your starting faction, selecting those from the nearest school.

Beyond that, you will need to use the second option.

Option 2: Agent Finder menu.

This menu will let you search for all career agents.

In the image above, I have set the appropriate filters to display Minmatar-faction career agents.

If Option 2 doesn’t let you see career agents for other factions, you have probably found a bug and need to submit a bug report by pressing F12 in-game and filling in the requested information. If possible, capture a screen shot of the Agent Finder window showing no Career Agents available to you.


Bro that is wonderful thank you.

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