Regarding the daily gifts

Don’t get me wrong, they are very much appreciated. But…

Can we have it so that we can collect them and use them when we want to instead of them being injected upon collection?

I’m waiting for some 30 day skills to finish and don’t have the time to use them all as well due to work, but if they are gifts why put a use by date on them? I’d rather have them in the station inventory.

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Because they’re not gifts, they’re simply incentives to get players to log in.
A gift should cost the giver to be eligible to be called a gift, otherwise it’s just another man’s trash.

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The intention of those boosters is that they’re to be used often, not to be hoarded.

Right now, people have 30 days to claim to use those boosters, which is plenty of time. Whenever you see one almost expire, you can log in, kill some NPCs and use the booster to make it go a little faster.

If instead people could hoard those boosters ‘for later use’, they become too valuable to use for a random site: people will keep these boosters ‘for when they need it’, just like how I use potions in my RPGs.

(Spoiler: I never use those potions and finish the game with a stash full ‘just in case there’s a more dangerous boss that requires them!’)

As the intention of these login rewards is that people go out and fight to make use of the boosters, allowing people to hoard the boosters for later use goes against the purpose of the log-in rewards. People would instead stash them all, aren’t encouraged by those boosters to log in and play, and once in a blue moon chain all the boosters in a 12h TIDI slog fight ‘where the boosters are worth the edge’.

That’s not the intention of these log-in rewards, they’re meant to encourage you to fly your space ship more often.


You can just leave them in your Redeem Queue and when in-game, open the Redeem Items box in the bottom of the Neo-Com Bar and redeem what you need. They will then automatically activate on that character, even when in space.

Just make sure to keep track of the expiration timer on them.


Thanks for the replies, but the reason I was asking was not to save them for a certain event, it’s simply because I don’t have the time to use even a few of them due to work commitments so they all run out of date.

It happens, many of my boosters also run out when I don’t have time to use them.

They cannot be traded, can only be used, so if you cannot use them within their expiration time, there’s not much lost. You get new ones anyway!

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They didn’t want these boosters to be sellable, which is why they’re auto-inject. Otherwise, they’d have an impact on the market and that was never the goal with the evergreen login campaigns.

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I believe the point was to either remove the auto-inject or lengthen the expiration timer on them. He wasn’t asking for them to be tradeable…


Removing auto-inject would make them tradeable.

CCP could flag them as not sellable and not tradable like they do with AIR destroyer skins you can buy for 1 PLEX.


No it wouldn’t, they’d still be account bound.

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I’m not aware of any items that you can have in your inventory that can’t be traded to somebody else. There may be some, but it’s definitely not the norm. I just don’t see the need for this.

I have Blueprints won from battles that show zero isk value and can’t be traded to a corp mate to make them.

Light Compact Entropic Disintegrator Blueprint Precursor Weapon Blueprint

Standard Cerebral Accelerator 1 Booster

I have other items from ratting etc that show zero value and can’t be sold or traded.

So it is possible for CCP to do it.

I think the key difference here is player perspective vs. CCP perspective.

A player naturally wants to accumulate bonuses and use them when they can be put to best use, eg. when they’re able to be on and active for a couple hours, ‘whenever’.

CCP drops these items as incentives for players to log in frequently and engage in at least some level of in-game activity: hence why they drop often and expire quickly.

For the benefit of the ‘game’ rather than the individual player, it may be better to leave it the way it is. At least from CCP’s perspective.


Pretty sure those BPCs can still be contracted, though. So they can still be traded

With regards to the boosters and other daily login rewards; they could be made to expire after a month rather than a week.


I’d love if the distribution of junk was tuned down a bit, but, meh.

Seeing a few random T2 BPC’s mixed in would be nice.


The BPCs were pretty unpopular. For most people, they just became trash.

It wuld be but look like a minority has decided for the rest of us.
Thank you, fantom players.