Regarding Tolmak and the preacher

I am referring to the prophet fellow at the good word fiction, is their any more hints or lore content on what exactly he is preaching other than he is supported by the oppressed and hated by those in power?

These guys apparently want to kill him:

Scions of the Superior Gene

The Scions of the Superior Gene are a minor extremist cult. They believe that the Jovians are gods, and their technology is sacred – too pure to be used by the lowly empires. They have a small fleet of well-armed ships used exclusively to “purify” those who they feel have offended the Jovians.

From Tolmak’s followers ships:

Tolmak has managed to convert a number of people to his religious message. Some of them are so fanatical they’re willing to fight for him. These zealots form a motley fleet of whatever small ships they have been able to buy with donations from their planetside brethren.

That’s all I could find.
Edit: Scratch that.

The Prophet of the Seventh Sphere

Religious freaks like to spread all sorts of apocalyptic messages, and in recent times there are few who have captured the imagination of conspiracy theorists in the way that Tolmak has. The so-called “Prophet of the Seventh Sphere,” Tolmak is an enigmatic and elusive character. He has never shown himself publicly for fear of reprisal, and relies instead of proxies to spread his word. Others say his real strength comes from the media outlets that cover these preachers. Outlets that, for their own part, are mostly concerned with the profit to be made from the inevitable controversy his message brings.

Among other things, Tolmak’s elaborate revelations paint a universe governed by demonic forces that secretly control the heads of all the empires. He reserves special bile for the capsuleer class, teaching that their clones are not actually the same person reborn, but are instead, demonic simulacra.

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Ah, Telnyhr thank you for the elaboration and I am flattered to be answered by the loremaster herself.

No problem, considering that it is a minor faction that appears apparently in a single mission, they have a surprising amount of lore behind them. But I’m guessing all there is to them is in the above descriptions.

Also, thanks for the compliment, but I’m hardly a loremaster lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated the actual post a bit, just a heads up. Didn’t read it through as thoroughly as I should have; Tolmak is a self-proclaimed prophet and the Scions of the Superior Gene apparently find his preachings against the capsuleers offensive to the Jove. Which makes sense, as the capsule tech was gifted by the Jove.

Thank you so much for the elaboration.

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