Regenerative damage management unit

I was thinking of module that can regenerate armor and structure buy switching scripts

I call it regenerative because it will be repairing less than armor repair and structure repair unit

A minor compromise of the two to save space so you don’t have to use two slots at the same time

Hull tank, by balancig, isn’t meant to be effective to repair.

Assuming you would have a low slot module providing your hull tank with the repair efficiency that the mid slot module can currently provide, then you’d be better off taking another bulkhead instead, as the ehp the hull repair module will provide over the duration of the engagement is most likely lower then the ehp provided by an additional bulkhead.

Instead, if you absolutely need regeneration on a hull tanked ship, use a shield extender. The passive shield regeneration of a shield extender is higher then the one of the active hull repair module, the shield provides additional buffer and it consumes no capacitor.

Use hull if you need ehp over anything else, e.g. if going to pvp with a burst damage ship that can’t stay in a prolongued engagement anyways and can’t rely on remote repair, either. Otherwise, use shield or armor.

What would be the use-case of such a module?

It would be inferior to an armor repair module to deal with sustained damage.

And if this module is meant for when your ship got hit by enough burst damage to bleed deep into hull, you would do better with more buffer in that low slot, like another plate, bulkhead or more armor resistances.

The only purpose I see is a niche situation to recover hull health at a safe time in between combat situations, but you can already use a mobile depot to swap to a hull repair module in the rare case there is no structure or station nearby to repair at.

I do not see why you would want to sacrifice an combat-effective low slot for that non-combat purpose, when some volume in your cargohold could do the same thing already.

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A hull tanked ship is designed to take damage on the hull, when this happens the shield is most likely fully depleted so the passive regen of the shield is close to 0.

In another thought I was thinking why they don’t allow for your own drones to repair yourself

They don’t really do a good job anyway to save you if you’re in trouble and most likely get destroyed in the process

I have argued for a while that drones should get repaired in the drone bay. It could be a mid-slot module I suppose, but I’d prefer if it were just innate. Such a buff doesn’t seem too game breaking, especially if the repair rate is lower than that of a citadel.

You have a point there.
While the tank design chances a bit as more ehp in the shields becomes available by the extender, it’ll likely be “mostly irrelevant”. What really is relevant though, is that most hull tanked ships don’t exactly have a large number of mids to spare for extenders … or midslot hull repair modules.

Assuming you put a large shield extender on a brutix - where the reason you’ll have a hard time you might get putting it on won’t be due to fitting constraints, but rather due to having to choose which mid slot module that you were formerly using to replace by an extender - it’ll provide a 5k ehp buffer and some minor regen, which compared to the hull tank is insignificant. A large hull repair module, which is harder to fit and more importantly needs a lot of capacitor, would regenerate hull at 16 ehp/s, so in order to regenerate the amount of ehp the shields would have provided w/o any of it regenerating, it takes 300 seconds, or 5 minutes… but in a engagement that takes this amount of time, the shield would also have regenerated quite a bit.

On ships not bonused for drone repair capabilities, taking repair drones is disadvantageous over taking drones with combatative abilities. A t1 warrior scout drone inflicts more damage then a t2 hull maintainance heavy drone can repair, i.e. using damage drones and getting yourself rid of the damage source faster, thereby reducing the damage that needs to be tanked, will contribute more to your survival then taking repair drones to attempt mitigating the incoming damage.

First, a regen that is limited in time is EHP.
Then, the regen is even more insignificant than the buffer, as it is off the moment your shield is gone, which is very fast on a hull-tanked ship.

If you place an extender on a hull-tanked ship, it’s only for the EHP, not for the regen. The regen is irrelevant.

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