Regional Servers & Vanguard Intergration

currently on vanguard there are different regional Servers.

i have 2 ideas for this

1: have different region servers cover different parts of moons and planets within EVE Online, this way when you get deployed you get deployed onto that map, if you keep the squad mechanics as they are and connecting with people in the same region this ultimately creates a solution which eve players have of finding other people in the same TZ, allowing squads to form quickly and efficiently a capsuleer drops you to planet / moon however this drops you onto a specific map

here in the UK we have “car boot sales” where people roll up in their cars, set up a table and buy and sell with people locally, i think they’re called “flea markets” in other parts of the world, but basically a capsuleer in a war barge with an entourage of war clones & squads effectively becomes a mobile merchant like that.

2: data packet breakdown and processing
so this one is not really my area at all, however during fan fest they talked about loading more complex graphics requiring more processing power, but they kinda did the reverse by loading 1/4th of a pixel every 1/10th of a second because processing data this way is actually faster.

what if the regional vanguard servers were scrapped and to help improve latency the graphical aspects of the map were processed this way, personally it would be nice to see local again and all that great information perhaps data packets on a server level can be converted into binary and then processed at an incomprehensible rate, but i also have no idea how that side of stuff works, there might be something too it though.

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