Regular Mac Gameplay Issues

Hi! I play on a Mac and since I started playing have had repeated gameplay issues. Some appear to be known to Eve team and they have never bothered to fix, others I appear to be finding.

  1. I do not receive all login rewards. Shockingly, despite the support team not seeing me receiving 14k skill points (I played and submitted the ticket on the same day), they have not reimbursed this item. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Interdiction nullifier cooldown graphics are apparently wrong on the macintosh, as I just lost a ship where after accounting for cooldown timer with gate cloak, i reactivated a nullifier, only to be caught in a bubble. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. significant login issues surrounding steam on macs, but this may be universal to Steam on any platform. The result of this was the support team telling me I had to unattach my account from Steam to play, despite selling and advertising the game to me on Steam. This is beyond unethical and appears to be a workaround to cut Steam out and possibly remove any protections I’d have given I go through Steam’s system. This must have happened to others, given Support had the ‘solution’ relatively quickly.


Hello Proposition MJ,

I empathize with your struggles as a fellow Mac user. It’s frustrating to encounter issues that seem unique to our platform, but let me share my experience in hopes that it might help:

  1. Login Rewards: I believe I’m receiving all my login rewards, including skill points. If you’re missing out on some, it’s definitely worth persisting with customer support.
  2. Interdiction Nullifier: While I haven’t encountered the specific graphical error you mentioned with the cooldown timer, it’s worth noting that there might be certain graphics glitches or inconsistencies that I am oblivious to or otherwise do not affect my playstyle.
  3. Steam Issues: I have a corp mate who has faced challenges with the Steam version of EVE, but likely on Windows. For my part, I’ve been using the standalone version for EVE on my Mac, and it’s been relatively smooth. If the Steam integration is causing you grief, it might be possible to transfer you main to a non-steam account.

In any case, the Mac experience can indeed be a rollercoaster at times, but the community is usually quite supportive and helpful. It might be worth reaching out on the official forums or even Reddit, where more players might share their fixes or workarounds for similar issues.

Fly safe and all the best,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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