Reimbrusment should go into Redeem items, not station

when one applies for Ship reimbursement, and he successfully get reimbursement he gets it in same system he dies in or in Jita.

but that can be unpleasant to the player sometimes. or sometime if GM asks the player where he want the ship which system or station and that very helpful.

so, I was thinking, if GM’s put the reimbursed ship in the player redeem queue so he can redeem it wherever he wants??
OfCourse there can be added some restriction where ship can not be redeemed. like it can only be redeemed in trade hub and nearby place the ship died at etc.

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This is a nice idea, but I think that would be very exploited. If you file a support ticket for something, you could transport it instantly to anywhere in the galaxy, for no cost!

Also, I got my reimbursed Merlin in Hek after I died to a broken local chat one time.

A better idea would be for GMs to stop reimbursing ships at all.

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You mean for GM to start losing EVE players by refusing to rectify wrongs caused solely by game malfunction.
Although it sounds cool old school it’s a very bad idea.
I know your kind of people would rather the entire earth be destroyed before someone gets something for free but when it’s a malfunction it’s not working as intended and “gitgud” doesn’t apply.

You don’t like being camped into a lowsec station 24 7 by pirates?


If a simple refusal to reimburse you would cause you to leave the game, then you aren’t destined to be here long and good riddance.

There are very few genuine server side issues that lead to loss; and when those do occur, CCP are quite open about them. Reimbursing in those few occasions is fine.

Outside of that, “wrongs caused solely by game malfunction” actually aren’t at all. They are caused by something else (often network related and not the game’s fault. No reimbursement should hapen at all.


get an instawarp ship, jump freighter, or your own fighting force.

I assume you are talking about those stations in lowsec where asset safety goes for a large part of NullSec?

Yea, usually goes to a kickout station with a bunch of campers, but tbh I have used asset safety only once and I just trashed the bs and said ■■■■ it was not worth all the wasted time but I can imagine it being pretty annoying for null dudes who do it often.

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