Releasing commodities from a factory

A factory with an active scheme will “suck up” the resources it needs for production as soon as they become available in its route, even if other resources are not yet complete and production is halted. But is there a way to release them back to the storage they came from? If not, why? And if no why, when?

There is not and don’t know why that is.

PI factories will buffer the material needed for the next production cycle. If you change the schematic, you will lose any buffered material not used by the new schematic - I have no doubt that is working as intended!

Never tried that. You’re saying the material just vanishes? Why would that be intended?

It’s the price you pay for changing your mind. I occasionally switch a few of my lava planets between consumer electronics and transmitters to balance production. The convenience far outweighs the cost.

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