Relic Site bots have evolved since the Deposit Feature has been introduced

Relic Site bots are getting a bit out of hand. In Providence, the same bots do a continual sweep of the entire region in stabbed Asteros. This has been a recent activity since the whole deposit feature in citadels.

It is quite clever really when the bot comes across a lucrative relic site, it runs the site, and then immediately warps to the nearest red structure and deposits the stuff in it and then asset safeties it to low-sec for pickup.

Just look at this character “CENSORED” killboard, she is a provi botter, same fitting with the secure can.

Now if you look at her contract history you will see massive numbers of contracts from asset safety systems. I have reported this bot continually for a while and still no action, this is about as obvious as it gets. Pages and pages of contracts from the relic loot obtained.

She is aligned out in all relic sites and if she sees a previous hostile in system skips the system. And operates an inhuman number of hours a day.

A better system put in place for players to submit evidence of botting, You guys atCCP probably don’t have the time to fully investigate the massive numbers of reports coming in and the players are more than willing to collect this evidence to make your lives easier.

Please do not use forums to rant! I’ve removed images and name.
Please use existing features to report a bot either; top-left on the character’s info page click the 3 lines > then click “Report Bot”. or write an email to

Thank you
ISD Sakimura

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Unload without docking was one of the plain dumbest change ever implemented.

And all over a tiny scam that most haulers were either too smart to fall for or only fell for once.

As he stated, that’s been done already. A lot.
I’m pretty sure half the population of Providence has reported those particular bots, and I’m sure residents of other regions have done the same for other bots like these.
And yet these guys are still blatantly botting about, 24/7.

You can hardly be surprise people are coming to the forums to complain about this. Putting a “fix the problem!” button in-game and telling people to use it won’t satisfy people for long when that button clearly and absolutely fails to fix the problem.

It was my fault for not censoring the particular user before posting, frustration got the better of me. You can see the censored pictures that were removed below. I have removed all identifying info. A stabbed astero is hard to catch unless there is a gate camp with bubbles up and they catch it. Or if a sabre is sitting in the relic site cloaked waiting for them.

Killboard filled with identical fittings as seen below

All contracts are issued to a handful of repeat couriers, I suspect they are probably also bots to water down the chain of custody of loot.

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