Rememberence Sunday - 2 Minutes of silence and cyno vigil

I invite everyone to join me on rememberence sunday, as soon as the servers come up for downtime, We all light a cyno and stay silent for 2 minutes to remember our fallen soldiers!!


Wait, what? Whose fallen soldiers? You need to explain more, I think.

I really, really hope you’re not trying to drag RL politics into Eve



I didn’t think asking people to join in a moment of silence was political…


Had to look up what this was. Sure I knew about 11/11, but that’s today for me.

i have nothing to light a cyno, but i will make myself available, hopefully to participate

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This is why it’s generally a bad idea to bring real life into EVE, however well meant.

i mean, this is a very character driven game. And no matter how hard they try they all bring RL along with them.

So i would say “generally” it works out. Hell this isn’t even the first time a vigil and a moment of silence has been held for this holiday let alone similar events.

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