Remote armor not possible to just desactive in logs and message

hello people I don’t understand,
I’m need to the remote armor or shield is not pop on screen :confused:
I’m search in logs and messages / combat message but is not have a option to just desactive the pop text armor rep, I’m need very just scramble your ennemies or damage.
The problem apparently is coming the last patch but not news option? or just me?

Thanks a lot advance for your answer, and sorry for error i’m french,I 'm train my english :slight_smile:

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Google-Translator may be very useful sometimes… (just a tip) - i have no idea what are you talking about, sorry.

Usually most little anoying bugs can be removed from the game by clearing cache files. After logging into the game, press the Esc key and select ‘Reset Settings’ tab, then select ‘Clear all cache files’.

That will prompt a re-log which helps update your client with the server, especially after downloading game patch updates.

Another good thing to do is to verify the integrity of game files. Before activating your game client account after the Eve Launcher loads on screen, left click the little ‘E’ in the right side of the Launcher header and select ‘Shared Cache’ to open a pop-up box. Select the ‘Verify’ button to ‘Verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files’.

You can also browse the forum category ‘Issues, Workarounds & Localization’ to see if anyone else had the same issue and hopefully got an answer to resolve it.

If the problem persists after that, submit a support ticket and file a Bug Report.

is this i’m need to juste the damage and scramble web…

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Ahhh, OK. That’s a Tactical Notification like if someone is being warp scrammed or self-destructing. I’m not sure if this will remove the Remote Repair Notification:

Click the ‘E’ at the top of the Neocom bar (left side of screen), click ‘Accessories’, click ‘Log & Messages’ to open a pop-up box, click ‘Combat Settings’.

That will open a drop down menu with various types of messages that will appear onscreen. Everything with a ‘check mark’ will show onscreen.

Deselect / un-check ‘Tactical Messages’ and see if that removes the Remote Repair Notification.

thanks you i’m testing afternoon :slight_smile:

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no not good :confused:

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Well, sorry that didn’t work.

I guess you could ask CCP in a support ticket if Remote Repair Notifications can be removed from the In-space Combat Messages.

Is that in Overview Settings?

That is where you can set all of those special colors and symbols like you have.

Especially because in sceenshot you have unselected all the combat log settings, i believe it is overview.

Hey! Try just disabling Combat Notifications from Main Menu.

Like hit Escape, then display or general settings.

Disable Combat Text/notifications

Then just open up the Combat Log and select Tactical Notifications and use that log window.

That should fix

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is the remote armor i’m need to disappear while keeping the rest

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