Remove FW defensive plexing

What is even the point of dplexing? Someone sits in a stabbed frigate of less than 1m isk in a certain space for a while. It creates zero content because everyone just warps away instantly. Even if somehow combat does occur there are zero stakes because those frigates are the definition of expendable. It is an activity so painfully dull that doing it only makes sense for bots and multi boxers.

I say: get rid of it entirely.

Just let the contested rating decline at a constant pace. If you want to prevent a system from being taken over than kill the people trying to run offensive plexes. People don’t cap enough in the system? Rating goes down.

Numbers might need retweaking

Since nobody has ■■■■ on this in 2 days time, I will assume it is not actually a horrible idea.

Or it a horrible idea, and people don’t care enough to reply.

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Or it’s a great idea (it is), we just acknowledge that CCP doesn’t care about FW/lowsec because it isn’t the newest shiny RMT feature and therefore talking about how to fix it is kind of pointless.

My point was that, just because it generates no community interest doesn’t mean that it a great idea, what it means it has no community interest, an without it, the Likelyness of change is slim to none.

didn’t they say somewhere that warp core stabs are getting removed from FW plexes ?

TFW op is ignorant of upcoming changes. Changes that are even in devblogs.

The only thing that will change is that people will Dplex in a venture instead of a stabbed frigate. Also most people choose to cap large complexes, which don’t even have a gate.

It’s a minor mistake, but not one that changes the substance of the OP. Removing WCS is dealing with one symptom of the problem, not the root cause. Now the farmers in stabbed ships will just fly unfitted Ventures or unfitted lowest-tier T1 frigates. The root cause of defensive plexing being way too easy to farm in throwaway ships still remains, as does the incentive to farm 23/7 and refuse all attempts at PvP despite farming a PvP feature.

Make being on the defensive (and offensive for that matter) have a similar mechanic as ESS payouts. After 30-60 seconds or some arbitrarily fair time for someone to decide “nah,” slap them with a warp disruption effect that persists until they ‘win’ the plex, leave the “point’s” area or w/e you want to call it, or dies in a fight.

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